Monday, February 25, 2008

what are antioxidants?

ok, so we keep hearing about antioxidants and how they are so good for you. but do you really know what they are? here's a good definition that i found from

"Within the human body, millions of processes are occurring at all times. These processes require oxygen. Unfortunately, that same life giving oxygen can create harmful side effects, or oxidant substances, which cause cell damage and lead to chronic disease.

Oxidants, commonly known as "free radicals," are also introduced through external sources such as exposure to the sun or pollution. Other mediums include stress, as well as things that people put into their bodies, such as alcoholic beverages, unhealthy foods, and cigarette smoke.

In much the same way as oxidation creates rust, causing a breakdown on the surface of inanimate objects, oxidation inside the body causes a breakdown of cells. Free radicals produced by this breakdown attack healthy cells, usually DNA as well as proteins and fats. This chain of events weakens immunological functions as well as speeding up the aging process, and is also linked to several diseases such as cataracts, various forms of cancer, and heart disease."

Sunday, February 24, 2008

food for your skin

a good diet won't guarantee perfect skin (because some people do have to battle with heredity), but it definitely can't hurt. and if you think about how food allergies work and how quickly they can affect someone, the things you put into your mouth can definitely make a big difference!

here is a brief list of good-for-you foods. hopefully, you guys won't be allergic to any of them. =X

avocados - lots of good fats/oils and vitamin B3, which can help w/ redness & blotchiness
mangoes - lots of vitamin A, which maintains and repairs skin
blueberries - my personal favorite(!) these babies are LOADED with antioxidants.
almonds - good source of vitamin E as well as protein & magnesium
carrots - vitamins A & C
flaxseed oil - not only is this type of oil good for your heart, it's also good for your skin. omega-3s and good fats. (remember, fats aren't the enemy!)
pomegranate juice - contains anthocyanins (helps strengthen tiny blood vessels under your skin)
salmon - omega 3! BUT say "no" to atlantic salmon. a chef and writer from the LA Times (Foods section) once told me that anything from the Atlantic has more mercury that any other ocean/lake. YUK! King salmon is better.
sunflower seeds - lots of vitamin E, but watch out for the sodium if you're going sit there like a bird and crack away!
whole grains - lots of vitamin b, helps to reduce/avoid cracking skin.
green tea - you keep hearing that green tea is good for you... because it is! green tea has lots of vitamins and other good stuff like zinc, magnesium, calcium and so forth - one of the best sources for antioxidants.

(gathered from various sources from the web. i'm not that smart!)

first post!

yay~ finally got started! so, i've decided to create a blog dedicated to makeup, hair & skincare because i talk about them so much. here we go!