Monday, September 27, 2010


got in trouble for posting the photos! here's just another preview... check out the upcoming issue of super street magazine for more!

until then, silence is golden.

btw- i am wearing revlon colostay foundation! lurrrrve it!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

girls day IN w/ wigs n makeup!

had a wonderful day w/ 3 of my dolls. here are some fotos:

prepping the skin -- one of THE MOST important things ever.

ms. dee


the final results:

beautiful liz!

doesn't she look like a doll?

dee! wig look familiar? look @ mila in the bg. hahaa (sorry the white balance is off... again!)

the extended wing liner look. she's never tried it before! with big lids like her's, you can totally wing it! (the thinner/lower the lids, the more difficult it is to create a nice angled wing.) so dee, know that you can totally work this look! liner doesn't need to stop right at the junction of your upper n lower lash line. =)

what a beautiful colgate smile!

homegirl don't need circle lenses OR revitalash (well, i did put 1/2 lashes on her but she definitely doesn't need it). i'm so jealous of my latinas.

emo manana

mila and the rockers!

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