Tuesday, April 22, 2008

pink eye

i did a bad thing this weekend, and i'm paying for it now. after a LONG day @ the long beach grand prix, i came home and fell asleep w/ my makeup & contacts on.

the next morning, i woke up w/ pink eye (or something that really looked like pink eye).

i'm currently in the process of sterilizing my contacts, makeup, and makeup brushes. i may need to throw them out. ugggHHHHh.. what a hassle.

learn from my mistake, please.

i need to wash my eye area with tear-free baby shampoo. believe it or not, it's actually good for you.

Friday, April 18, 2008

eyelash shedding?

(request per Stella -- hope this helps!)

my eyelashes shed quite a bit but i don't mind (that much) since i love wearing fakies. however, there is a great number of girls that do rely on their stock lashes to do the batting. (what's "batting?" think Betty Boop's eyes in action!) anyway, here are some tips from various sources about how to preserve and/or regrow your lashes:

* avoid using old (slightly crusted) mascara
* avoid wearing waterproof mascara - it takes so much rubbing to remove even w/ the best makeup removers
* avoid doing a lot of rubbing when removing eye makeup - in my opinion, oil-based (or partly oil-based) makeup removers work the best to remove all kinds of makeup.. even eyelash glue!
* have patience when removing fake eyelashes (if you're like me, you get impatient and want to yank them off when they're half off -- not good!) a good way to remove them is to douse a fatty q-tip (not the cheapy brand q-tips w/ very little cotton) and gently rub over the base of your lash line, back-n-forth, back-n-forth until they loosen up. then position the q-tip horizontally (from your lash line) and roll outwards continuously from the base of your lashes out. this will gently pull the fakies off your lids.
* protect your lashes w/ vaseline - a lot of ppl put vaseline on the roots of their lashes AND on the lashes themselves to condition and protect (and some ppl even use vaseline instead of mascara(!!) but i'm sure they're the borrriqua chicks who already have thick, long lashes to begin with.)
*try talika lipocils - a product that's receive great reviews on eyelash growth. many ppl say that it helps make eyelashes thicker, but not necessarily longer... which is still good if you're mostly concerned about shedding. (they should have it @ sephora so you can probably buy it and return it if it doesn't work.)
**i think i'm going to order the eyebrow version of this product today. i'm determined to get the korean popstar eyebrows sooner than later -- this require LOTS of regrowth on my part.**

**update** talika didn't work for me! boo~ good thing sephora accepts returns. hehe i guess if you want to go with a product that definitely works (or works for most, shall i say), you have to dish out $150 and buy Revitalash. just don't use more than recommended because it can be harmful for you.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

bought another wig...

no, i'm not depressed this time. i think i'll like this one better because it's a darker pink.

>> edit added <<

here is a photo of me & my other wig.

a bit too short and not as full as i had expected, but it photographs quite well.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

free jamba breakfast

today only
til 10am~

goodies for your skin, yessss!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

non-staining hair dye?

it's possible! hahahaa ok, so i quit using the hardcore professional stuff - main reason being that i don't fry my hair as much as i used to, so drugstore stuff is ok for me now - still not good for your hair, but what really is?

after i got the black hair dye stripped off my hair (aka color correction), i started using Garnier Nutrisse to get my hair to a nice, medium brown. (FYI- using golden brown will get your hair ligher than using light golden brown will, if your natural haircolor is dark.) it was the typical type of hair dye -- got the hair lightened but also stained my face (the part that touched my skin -- which washed off after scrubbing) as well as the shower floor, and other places it may have dripped on. this is very normal. hair dye is also supposed to bleed out like a used art brush when washed.

BUT TODAY - i was @ target (the place to pick up chicks, might i add... i swear, target sends subliminal messages thru their ads or something to make girls want to go there), and there was this other Garnier hair dye that was right next to the Garnier Nutrisse that was calling out to me. i've always seen this line around, but never really bothered to try it. since it was manufactured by the same company, i thought the risk was minimal as far as color matching -- so i decided to try it. woohoo! dare of the week!

application: a little runnier than Nutrisse, but still a creme consistency.
time: comparable. 25 mins for new growth (roots), 5 mins for already-treated hair.
staining: NONE! i sometimes dye my eyebrows (although this is NOT recommended because if hair dye gets into your eyes, you can go blind). but anyway, i put a little on my brows today. normally, with other dyes, i would look like a monster within 5-10 minutes after application because the dye would basically paint/stain my skin, and i'd look like i drew my eyebrows in with a spoon. this dye didn't do it at all!
washout: another surprise. i did not see the usual dark brown waterfall @ my feet during my shower. i almost felt like i was taking a normal shower. that deserves a W-O-W in sign language. color results: pretty much identical to the Nutrisse. =)

overall, i've found myself a new hair dye. want to know the name?

it's Garnier 100% Color. i used this specific color (UB-3), which is golden brown. of course, if you're asian, all haircolor will look a lil more reddish due to the natural reddish pigment in our hair.

note: this hair dye is not suitable for ppl with mostly grey hair, and this hair dye doesn't damage your hair any less than the others. i just like it because it doesn't make a mess.

as of a few months ago, i switched to a salon brand called Ixora. less ammonia!