Wednesday, November 24, 2010

MAC pro longwear foundation

i haven't been keeping up w/ my MAC products, and now, i find out that they came out with a new foundation that's pretty good! BUT **don't get too excited yet** it comes with a lot of pre-requisites (for lack of a better word). for fellow cakefaces who have normal to combination skin and don't mind the matte look, this foundation is for you if you have a lot to cover. ;-)

MAC pro longwear spf 10 foundation
this foundation has great coverage (good for people like me w/ scars and redness) and it stays put even without makeup base! here's the skinny:

PROS: full coverage; doesn't oxidize to orange; decent oil control; long lasting (this foundation really doesn't budge if you apply it correctly), so it requires fewer touch-ups, which means less germs getting piled on your face!

CONS: proper application is a bit tricky compared to other liquid foundations. (i'm still trying to figure out the BEST way to do this.) dries a little rubbery and you have to rub/blend quickly before it dries to avoid getting streaks (and it dries VERY quickly). finish is extra-matte. some ppl like this, others prefer dewy. (dewy does look healthier)


here are a few pics from today. this picture is taken 12 hours after application with NO touch-ups throughout the day.

almost time for bed. can't tell, can you?


click to view my blemishes larger. depending on your computer color settings, my blemishes may show up light or bright. if it's bright, it's more like the real deal. i also have a scar on the other side of my face. yucko!

Where to Buy:
MAC stores, Nordstrom, Bloomies, Macy's, etc.
Overall Rating: 4/5 stars
Tip: not recommended for dry skin. for full coverage, layer-layer-layer and set with mineral or setting powder. to make the finished look more dewy, try a spritz of FIX+. also, since this foundation doesn't budge -- you need to put that much more effort into removal at the end of the day. also, this foundation runs a bit darker than MAC studio fix fluid. if you're between colors with studio fix, go with the lighter shade.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

pick of the month!

sunku eyelashes in KW
you can find these babies @ various korean cosmetics boutiques in LA and OC. they look heavy but they're not. they're feathery and soft. =)

grainy photo, sorry!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

oh panther

found a ring i lurrrve:

only $20k at Cartier... =/

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

rollergirl photoshoot - in print!

its out! photo by terence patrick, cakeup by yours truly.

ohh they put me in too =)

what mag again? supaaastreeeto!

Monday, September 27, 2010


got in trouble for posting the photos! here's just another preview... check out the upcoming issue of super street magazine for more!

until then, silence is golden.

btw- i am wearing revlon colostay foundation! lurrrrve it!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

girls day IN w/ wigs n makeup!

had a wonderful day w/ 3 of my dolls. here are some fotos:

prepping the skin -- one of THE MOST important things ever.

ms. dee


the final results:

beautiful liz!

doesn't she look like a doll?

dee! wig look familiar? look @ mila in the bg. hahaa (sorry the white balance is off... again!)

the extended wing liner look. she's never tried it before! with big lids like her's, you can totally wing it! (the thinner/lower the lids, the more difficult it is to create a nice angled wing.) so dee, know that you can totally work this look! liner doesn't need to stop right at the junction of your upper n lower lash line. =)

what a beautiful colgate smile!

homegirl don't need circle lenses OR revitalash (well, i did put 1/2 lashes on her but she definitely doesn't need it). i'm so jealous of my latinas.

emo manana

mila and the rockers!

$10 off of $20 at TARTE!

yes, that's 50% OFF if your order totals $20 without tax.

HURRY because it's only until Monday! Use code BDAY at checkout.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

giveaway winner..?

okay, the winner has not gotten back to me yet! what does this mean...? i may need to pick a runner up!

if i don't hear by Friday, the 27th, i will select a new winner!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

quote of the day

"Don’t focus on the one guy/girl who hates you. You don’t go to the park and set your picnic down next to the only pile of dog shit." -

very inspiring quote. even if you're not hated by anyone (or anyone that you know of, at least), i find this quote so relevant to other things in our lives that we perseverate on.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

first giveaway!

finally, time for my first giveaway!

from left to right (sort of):
* 2 travel-size skin79 BB creams: diamond pearl luminous & VIP gold - these miniature tubes are great because you can try the BB creams out without having to buy the whole $$$ bottle. (fyi - these are NOT samples. they're actually from a 4-pc set. i've tested two of them, you can test the other two.)

* CLIO eyeliner pencil in 05 blue (electric blue) - CLIO is another good korean line -- higher end and better quality than etude house. =X comes w/ its own branded pencil sharpener.

* break cafe bath in coffee
- if you love coffee, then you will luuurve this japanese bath powder. pour the whole package in your bathwater and enjoy!

* fab girl tweezer - this cute tweezer was part of my haul at sasa when i was in singapore. now, i see them at random stores in the US. don't let the cuteness fool you. this tweezer challenges my tweezerman tweezers.

* kracie (formerly kanebo) foaming face wash in peach - good for oily or combination skin. the grapefruit version has good reviews on **edit: however, this cleanser may be too harsh for some ppl. if you already tried kracie and don't like it, i will substitute it with a mystery product!

*etude house brow liner in grey - why grey you say? on your natural days (if you have dark brown/black hair and brows), you can just shade in the missing brow areas and leave the house. tip - rub product on tissue or skin back and forth before you start using it. this is to remove the chalked layer.

*daiso japan half lashes #13 - these are my ultimate FAVORITE lashes to put on my clients right now. jazz up your already-long lashes by putting these on your outer lash line OR add them on top of your regular criss-cross lashes to make them more dramatic like this:

for more live examples, you can check out my previous posts: model lisa la is wearing daiso #13 lashes alone, and "chelsea" is wearing criss-crosses doubled with daiso #13s. =)

don't be afraid to double up your lashes! you can do WHATEVER you want w/ makeup. don't let anyone tell you the word NEVER (unless it's for skincare... because there are definite NO-NOs for skin -- like using Purell as a daily facial cleanser(!!?!) yes, someone i know has done this!)

1) be a subscriber!
2) comment on any of the products in this giveaway... or tell me a joke!
3) answer this question: what is misscakeface's HG eyeliner? (the first person to answer this question will get 3 submissions!) i was thinking about adding my HG liner to my giveaway but it was out of stock at my local beauty shop!
**oops, forgot to add that i need your email addy**

ONE beauty addict will be randomly chosen this sunday, 8/22/10. i think i will do an actual drawing... with names in a hat!

to everyone -- thanx so much for reading. whenever i get lazy or feel like quitting, someone randomly tells me that they enjoy my blog. *fuzzies*

i promise the giveaways will get better n better!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

VOTD: little angel

not related to beauty but this little girl almost made me cry!

BOWLS LA grand reopening!

if you live in so cali-cali, check this place out!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

gathering goodies for my 1st giveaway!

for sure i will include my fav lash of the month, my current fav mascara (but this is always changing), and some eye colors or liners. i'm in ktown right now, maybe i'll have time to shop!

any requests? =D

Friday, August 6, 2010

preview of 7/31 photoshoot

me and my little big sis
photo taken by the wonderfully talented terence patrick. makeup by yours truly.
more pictures to come!


woohoo~ let's celebrate! maybe i'll do my first giveaway..?!

VOTD: how to apply false lashes

good video by LASH ROYALTY on lash application. for those of you who already know how to put on lashes, check it out anyway to hear her sexy british accent. lol

Thursday, August 5, 2010

featured bride: miss T

here are some pics from the wedding i did a while back for beautiful miss T. you can probably tell which photos were taken by the photographer -- they have a retro-modern, artistic color theme to them.

for miss T, we wanted to go with bold eyes but light and peachy everywhere else.

click to view larger versions:

i don't like to crop photographers' photos but i wanted to show you a closer pic of the bridesmaids.

dark, dolly lashes (by Darkness) to match her retro-modern look.

cake by my hs friend, laurie mura @! isn't this cake... sexy?!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

40% off Tarte (again!)

eco-friendly Tarte is having another friends & family sale!

use code FFAUG @ checkout
expires 8/9/10 (next monday)

recommended products:

day-to-night eye shadow palette
reg price: $44 (now $26.40!) **the ashy, shimmery dark brown in there is my HG brown shadow!** you can buy it alone but this whole palette is such a good deal!

emphasEYES brow - high definition brow pencil
reg price: $19.50 (now for $11.70)
i really like this brow pencil because it's thin like my MAC pencils but it also includes a brow brush! for those of you who want to get rid of the harsh sharpie-lined look, this brow brush will help! i use a brow brush every time on my brows. =)

more recommendations to come... gotta log off for a sec.

FOTD: wondergirls

LOVE this look!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


i've been paying retail for MAKE UP FOR EVER but finally got my MUFE Backstage Card today! =D

woohoo to 40% off! time to populate my kit w/ MUFE goodies!

Friday, July 2, 2010

featured model: chelsea lee

these are pics from my makeup session w/ my friend, chelsea lee. she doesn't want me to post before pictures yet but allowed me to describe some of her concerns.

chelsea's biggest concerns were her "square-ish" face (which i didn't think was that square) and redness (due to multiple pimples she just popped). thanx to MAC full cover foundation and bronzer/contouring kit, we were able to achieve an acceptable look. chelsea also requested pouty lips. (i've described how i did this in the "lips" section below.)

we decided to go for the MAC fafi look:

chelsea also doesn't have double eyelids so we faked the funk using some highlighting of the upper lid right above the liner.

breakdown of what i used:
face: MAC full coverage foundation - NC35, NW35
MAC bronzer - refined golden (for contouring)
MAC D'squared contour kit - accentuate/sculpt
MAC eyeshadow - brun (for contouring)
** i had to improvise w/ the foundation because chelsea was darker than my darkest foundation. so, we did the best w/ could with the darkest foundation i had at the time, then bronzed it all over to create a darker complexion. it also didn't help that chelsea had several drinks prior to her makeup session (and she does have the asian glow) -- which we had to cover up.

tarte - rich brown with gold shimmer
tarte - deep shimmery bronze
forever21 eyeshadow palette
MAC fluidline - black
revlon colorstay eyeliner crayon - brown black

generic japanese lashes - ME-7
daiso japan - #13 (for outer flare)
**yes, 2 sets of lashes!**


kryolan eyebrow kit
MAC eyeshadow - boutique brown (discontinued color)
MAC eyebrow pencil - strut

korres monoi oil bronzing powder - sunglow light
nars - orgasm
NYX - orange

MAC eyebrow pencil - strut (yes, eyebrow pencil on the lips!)
MAC lipstick - marengo
MAC eyeshadow - phloof (right in the middle of the lower lips to create a puffy contour)
MAC eyeshadow - brun (right underneath the lips above the chin, to fake more pout!)
shiseido "the makeup" corrector pencil - light (right above the cupids bow to create even more pout!)

**edit: ok, you guys got me. "chelsea" is a he. =)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

30% off eco-friendly tarte!

use code: FIREWORKS

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


for some reason, my "comments" option got disabled! turned back ON now. comment, complain, or just read and enjoy as you please! =)

btw - coming soon: making the unpretty, pretty. *wink wink (you'll get the joke later)

currently testing: korres bronze & correct trio

i've always been curious about korres because i've heard their products work well AND they're more eco-friendly than most. so, when i was @ sephora returning something, i picked this up!

korres: bronze and protect trio

it includes:
1) moisturizing face primer: 99% natural and silicone-free. i've been recommended this product by another MUA and have been itching to try it out. i have a HUGE tube of laura mercier primer to use up first, so i was going to wait. howeverrrrr, when i saw a mini version of it in this trio, i had more of a reason to buy the set. =)

first impressions: i actually really like it! it goes on smooth and really sinks into your skin. how well it holds up my makeup --- we'll see.

2) watermelon tinted moisturizer SPF 30 - light sand: - yes, you read right! WATERMELON. watermelon is a good source of the powerful antioxidant, lycopene, ( which helps fight/neutralize free radicals. (free radicals are the invisible killers of youthful skin!) it also has SPF 30, which is going to give you some protection from the harsh UV rays. (how MUCH protection is limited because i don't see the most powerful sunblockers in the list of ingredients.) either way, its better than going out w/ no protection.

first impressions: gosh, do all of korres products go on like water to dry soil? this tinted moisturizer really sinks into your skin well. or should i say "plants" into your skin? it's kind of difficult to describe... it sinks in well but has good coverage for a tinted moisturizer. i guess i'm trying to say that it doesn't feel greasy, and i don't feel like the product is just sitting on top of my skin. the only CON with this i see is that i don't think it's going to give me enough UVA protection for sunny southern california! (for more info on UVA vs. UVB, read here if you have the time) 'light sand' is a little light for my NC25-30 skin, but after setting w/ my normal powder, it looks perfect.

3) monoi oil bronzing powder - sunglow light: wth is monoi? it's a french-tahitian oil consisting of pure coconut oil and the tiare flower (tahiti's national flower). what's good about monoi oil is that it is rich in methyl salicylate a skin-soothing agent. it's also a naturally concentrated emollient which penetrates and rehydrates the skin, AND shields it against external damages. (, ok sorry, i went off there. this bronzer isn't going to fully protect your face from the world, but at least you know what its advertised ingredient is known for!

first impressions: LOVE the color! sunglow light is more of a peachy sunkissed color vs. the dark bronzed look that you can look dirty with. it definitely provides a sunkissed glow. you can use it as a blush OR a bronzer, and is very layer-able. sunglow warm (which is the other color available in a trio) is more of the typical MAC orangey-brown bronzer color.

i am very happy w/ my purchase because each product on its own is at least $28 in its full size. (btw, the bronzer and tinted moisturizer included in this trio are the full-size versions, so this is a steal!) also, all products are free from: parabens, sulfates, dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates, triclosan, and GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

Monday, June 28, 2010

eyelid tape: just for fun!

perv or pretty? hahaha that's what i often ponder when i make my lids bigger w/ tape or by doing the effortful post-blink eye opening.

btw - i'm not wearing my typical thick top liner.

medical tape

i think this pic is perv. LOL

what i used:

available at any drug store or online at for approx $2.50!