Tuesday, June 29, 2010

currently testing: korres bronze & correct trio

i've always been curious about korres because i've heard their products work well AND they're more eco-friendly than most. so, when i was @ sephora returning something, i picked this up!

korres: bronze and protect trio

it includes:
1) moisturizing face primer: 99% natural and silicone-free. i've been recommended this product by another MUA and have been itching to try it out. i have a HUGE tube of laura mercier primer to use up first, so i was going to wait. howeverrrrr, when i saw a mini version of it in this trio, i had more of a reason to buy the set. =)

first impressions: i actually really like it! it goes on smooth and really sinks into your skin. how well it holds up my makeup --- we'll see.

2) watermelon tinted moisturizer SPF 30 - light sand: - yes, you read right! WATERMELON. watermelon is a good source of the powerful antioxidant, lycopene, (whfoods.com) which helps fight/neutralize free radicals. (free radicals are the invisible killers of youthful skin!) it also has SPF 30, which is going to give you some protection from the harsh UV rays. (how MUCH protection is limited because i don't see the most powerful sunblockers in the list of ingredients.) either way, its better than going out w/ no protection.

first impressions: gosh, do all of korres products go on like water to dry soil? this tinted moisturizer really sinks into your skin well. or should i say "plants" into your skin? it's kind of difficult to describe... it sinks in well but has good coverage for a tinted moisturizer. i guess i'm trying to say that it doesn't feel greasy, and i don't feel like the product is just sitting on top of my skin. the only CON with this i see is that i don't think it's going to give me enough UVA protection for sunny southern california! (for more info on UVA vs. UVB, read here if you have the time) 'light sand' is a little light for my NC25-30 skin, but after setting w/ my normal powder, it looks perfect.

3) monoi oil bronzing powder - sunglow light: wth is monoi? it's a french-tahitian oil consisting of pure coconut oil and the tiare flower (tahiti's national flower). what's good about monoi oil is that it is rich in methyl salicylate a skin-soothing agent. it's also a naturally concentrated emollient which penetrates and rehydrates the skin, AND shields it against external damages. (monoil.com, wikipedia.com) ok sorry, i went off there. this bronzer isn't going to fully protect your face from the world, but at least you know what its advertised ingredient is known for!

first impressions: LOVE the color! sunglow light is more of a peachy sunkissed color vs. the dark bronzed look that you can look dirty with. it definitely provides a sunkissed glow. you can use it as a blush OR a bronzer, and is very layer-able. sunglow warm (which is the other color available in a trio) is more of the typical MAC orangey-brown bronzer color.

i am very happy w/ my purchase because each product on its own is at least $28 in its full size. (btw, the bronzer and tinted moisturizer included in this trio are the full-size versions, so this is a steal!) also, all products are free from: parabens, sulfates, dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates, triclosan, and GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

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