Wednesday, October 10, 2012

urban decay 20% off!

friends & family sale! use code: FFHOLIDAY12 at checkout! valid until 10/13/12.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

giveaway winner

and the winner of the eyelash giveaway is....
joo young!
please email me your address to thanx! =)

on another note, my friend sent me an email she rcvd from BLOOM.COM with my makeup in it!

can you find it? look in the "Brows & Lashes" section above. when i first saw this, i thought.. OMG, where did they get this photo? but later i realized they probably have a connection to instagram because that's the only place i posted it. let me also make a note that the photographer is

Sunday, May 20, 2012

eyelash giveaway - addition!

while i was reading a few of the comments, i realized that not many ppl use false eyelashes. so~ i thought -- why don't i add a full-size bottle of my FAVORITE eyelash glue to the eyelash giveaway as well?!

many people have trouble keeping the lashes from falling off at the ends. while some of that is due to application technique, the glue used also has a role.

a lot of people use DUO lash adhesive but it's not my favorite because the glue isn't very strong. plus, i don't like having to wait for it to get 'tacky.' i only use DUO for everyday lashes when i need removal to be quick and easy. i don't use it for weddings or events. that's where Darkness Eyelash Glue comes in.


with Darkness, there is no wait time before application. you can just apply it to the base of the false lashes, then put the lashes directly onto your eyelids. holding power is better than most (if not all). i can even take a shower with my lashes on and they still won't fall right off. (with Duo, they will.) however, if you use face soap+water (with a gentle rub), the lashes will detach. the only 'con' is that after removal, there might be bits of glue still stuck on your lids that you will need to pluck off with your fingertips or tweezer. they also have a black version of this glue, but i prefer the clear. if you make a mistake with the black version and accidentally misalign the lash on your lid, it will leave a black mark on the eyelid that would require rubbing and reapplication (of both eyeshadow and eyelash).

i'm going to extend the deadline for the eyelash giveaway for another week because i added the glue. now, the giveaway will include:


all previous entries for the eyelash giveaway will still count. if you leave another comment on this post, you will get 2 entries. remember, you must leave a comment/question and be a follower/subscriber to my blog to win. good luck!

if you don't win and still want to try it, check out the 'where to buy' information below.

Price: $6.99 (average price)
Where to Buy: almost any korean cosmetics store or market (with a cosmetics booth),,,
Overall Rating: 5/5 stars
Tip: don't pull your lashes off @ the end of the day without face soap+water. (you can do this with DUO, but with Darkness, you will pull some of your real lashes off too!) you can get this glue for much cheaper online but you have to pay for shipping -- which makes it more expensive than buying it at a store.

Monday, May 14, 2012

eyelash giveaway

hope you had a great mother's day weekend! 

i decided to do a little giveaway for the few ppl that actually still visit my site. 

what i'm giving away:

4 fun false lashes:
** Darkness EQ - great add on for ppl who already have some lashes. ragdoll effect on people who don't but still fun!

** Darkness VX - this used to be my HG eyelash long time ago. They're really full, giving your eye the dark look. VX isn't very long so you won't look like snuffaluffagus.

** PA lashes (don't know the style #) - these are nice, full and long lashes - good for going out.

** Daiso Japan half-type #13 - my ultimate favorite lashes to add on to people who already have lashes OR to double up with some basic, natural lashes for a dramatic effect. looks great with the thick winged eyeliner look. 

** eyelash organizer  - i absolutely LOVE this case. it's simple and it keeps just enough lashes for a trip. has a transparent cover and storage space underneath (under the lash area). LOVE IT!

How to Enter

all you have to do is be a follower of this blog and leave me a comment/question about your false eyelash experience (e.g., love them, haven't tried them yet, how do you .... questions?) 
that’s it!  

a random winner will be announced in a week.  thanks and good luck! 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

mini eyelash giveaway!

i've neglected this site for so long so i decided to do a giveaway for the people who actually come to check up on it. i promise i will start updating more (or start a new site) soon.

leave a comment if you're interested in my eyelash giveaway and you will double the chances when i actually post info. =)


Thursday, May 3, 2012

25% off @

for the month of May only, take 25% off your whole order at KKCenterHK! (no code needed -- automatically reduced @ checkout)

don't know what KKCenterHK is? it's one of my favorite asian sites to buy eyelashes.

i am trying not to be a lash hoarder so i refrained from buying more than what i need. what i bought this time around:

ES A003 false lashes. natural-looking. i recommend doubling them for a more dramatic look. i'm buying these because they look promising and they're really cheap! USD$6.49 for 10 PAIRS
M90 false lashes. these are my favorite natural-fakes. they don't look that special in this picture, but i've gotten many compliments on them when they're on. =)  USD$2.64 each

other recommendations:

FYI: some of the ES lashes come with thicker bands (like the one above). they are not as comfortable as other thinner-band lashes. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

heidi klum 20 yrs ago!

yes, this picture is from 1992!

Friday, April 6, 2012

recent wedding

ok, i know i've been neglecting this site. things have been quite busy for me lately and i can't seem to find the time to update! (i know i'm making excuses but it's true!)

anyway, here are a few pics of a recent wedding i did. i didn't take any photos of my own so i took these off the event photos. =X

really beautiful bridal party! congrats HL!