Thursday, May 3, 2012

25% off @

for the month of May only, take 25% off your whole order at KKCenterHK! (no code needed -- automatically reduced @ checkout)

don't know what KKCenterHK is? it's one of my favorite asian sites to buy eyelashes.

i am trying not to be a lash hoarder so i refrained from buying more than what i need. what i bought this time around:

ES A003 false lashes. natural-looking. i recommend doubling them for a more dramatic look. i'm buying these because they look promising and they're really cheap! USD$6.49 for 10 PAIRS
M90 false lashes. these are my favorite natural-fakes. they don't look that special in this picture, but i've gotten many compliments on them when they're on. =)  USD$2.64 each

other recommendations:

FYI: some of the ES lashes come with thicker bands (like the one above). they are not as comfortable as other thinner-band lashes. 

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amy said...

kewl! Thanks, julio!