Wednesday, August 25, 2010

giveaway winner..?

okay, the winner has not gotten back to me yet! what does this mean...? i may need to pick a runner up!

if i don't hear by Friday, the 27th, i will select a new winner!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

quote of the day

"Don’t focus on the one guy/girl who hates you. You don’t go to the park and set your picnic down next to the only pile of dog shit." -

very inspiring quote. even if you're not hated by anyone (or anyone that you know of, at least), i find this quote so relevant to other things in our lives that we perseverate on.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

first giveaway!

finally, time for my first giveaway!

from left to right (sort of):
* 2 travel-size skin79 BB creams: diamond pearl luminous & VIP gold - these miniature tubes are great because you can try the BB creams out without having to buy the whole $$$ bottle. (fyi - these are NOT samples. they're actually from a 4-pc set. i've tested two of them, you can test the other two.)

* CLIO eyeliner pencil in 05 blue (electric blue) - CLIO is another good korean line -- higher end and better quality than etude house. =X comes w/ its own branded pencil sharpener.

* break cafe bath in coffee
- if you love coffee, then you will luuurve this japanese bath powder. pour the whole package in your bathwater and enjoy!

* fab girl tweezer - this cute tweezer was part of my haul at sasa when i was in singapore. now, i see them at random stores in the US. don't let the cuteness fool you. this tweezer challenges my tweezerman tweezers.

* kracie (formerly kanebo) foaming face wash in peach - good for oily or combination skin. the grapefruit version has good reviews on **edit: however, this cleanser may be too harsh for some ppl. if you already tried kracie and don't like it, i will substitute it with a mystery product!

*etude house brow liner in grey - why grey you say? on your natural days (if you have dark brown/black hair and brows), you can just shade in the missing brow areas and leave the house. tip - rub product on tissue or skin back and forth before you start using it. this is to remove the chalked layer.

*daiso japan half lashes #13 - these are my ultimate FAVORITE lashes to put on my clients right now. jazz up your already-long lashes by putting these on your outer lash line OR add them on top of your regular criss-cross lashes to make them more dramatic like this:

for more live examples, you can check out my previous posts: model lisa la is wearing daiso #13 lashes alone, and "chelsea" is wearing criss-crosses doubled with daiso #13s. =)

don't be afraid to double up your lashes! you can do WHATEVER you want w/ makeup. don't let anyone tell you the word NEVER (unless it's for skincare... because there are definite NO-NOs for skin -- like using Purell as a daily facial cleanser(!!?!) yes, someone i know has done this!)

1) be a subscriber!
2) comment on any of the products in this giveaway... or tell me a joke!
3) answer this question: what is misscakeface's HG eyeliner? (the first person to answer this question will get 3 submissions!) i was thinking about adding my HG liner to my giveaway but it was out of stock at my local beauty shop!
**oops, forgot to add that i need your email addy**

ONE beauty addict will be randomly chosen this sunday, 8/22/10. i think i will do an actual drawing... with names in a hat!

to everyone -- thanx so much for reading. whenever i get lazy or feel like quitting, someone randomly tells me that they enjoy my blog. *fuzzies*

i promise the giveaways will get better n better!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

VOTD: little angel

not related to beauty but this little girl almost made me cry!

BOWLS LA grand reopening!

if you live in so cali-cali, check this place out!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

gathering goodies for my 1st giveaway!

for sure i will include my fav lash of the month, my current fav mascara (but this is always changing), and some eye colors or liners. i'm in ktown right now, maybe i'll have time to shop!

any requests? =D

Friday, August 6, 2010

preview of 7/31 photoshoot

me and my little big sis
photo taken by the wonderfully talented terence patrick. makeup by yours truly.
more pictures to come!


woohoo~ let's celebrate! maybe i'll do my first giveaway..?!

VOTD: how to apply false lashes

good video by LASH ROYALTY on lash application. for those of you who already know how to put on lashes, check it out anyway to hear her sexy british accent. lol

Thursday, August 5, 2010

featured bride: miss T

here are some pics from the wedding i did a while back for beautiful miss T. you can probably tell which photos were taken by the photographer -- they have a retro-modern, artistic color theme to them.

for miss T, we wanted to go with bold eyes but light and peachy everywhere else.

click to view larger versions:

i don't like to crop photographers' photos but i wanted to show you a closer pic of the bridesmaids.

dark, dolly lashes (by Darkness) to match her retro-modern look.

cake by my hs friend, laurie mura @! isn't this cake... sexy?!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

40% off Tarte (again!)

eco-friendly Tarte is having another friends & family sale!

use code FFAUG @ checkout
expires 8/9/10 (next monday)

recommended products:

day-to-night eye shadow palette
reg price: $44 (now $26.40!) **the ashy, shimmery dark brown in there is my HG brown shadow!** you can buy it alone but this whole palette is such a good deal!

emphasEYES brow - high definition brow pencil
reg price: $19.50 (now for $11.70)
i really like this brow pencil because it's thin like my MAC pencils but it also includes a brow brush! for those of you who want to get rid of the harsh sharpie-lined look, this brow brush will help! i use a brow brush every time on my brows. =)

more recommendations to come... gotta log off for a sec.

FOTD: wondergirls

LOVE this look!