Friday, July 2, 2010

featured model: chelsea lee

these are pics from my makeup session w/ my friend, chelsea lee. she doesn't want me to post before pictures yet but allowed me to describe some of her concerns.

chelsea's biggest concerns were her "square-ish" face (which i didn't think was that square) and redness (due to multiple pimples she just popped). thanx to MAC full cover foundation and bronzer/contouring kit, we were able to achieve an acceptable look. chelsea also requested pouty lips. (i've described how i did this in the "lips" section below.)

we decided to go for the MAC fafi look:

chelsea also doesn't have double eyelids so we faked the funk using some highlighting of the upper lid right above the liner.

breakdown of what i used:
face: MAC full coverage foundation - NC35, NW35
MAC bronzer - refined golden (for contouring)
MAC D'squared contour kit - accentuate/sculpt
MAC eyeshadow - brun (for contouring)
** i had to improvise w/ the foundation because chelsea was darker than my darkest foundation. so, we did the best w/ could with the darkest foundation i had at the time, then bronzed it all over to create a darker complexion. it also didn't help that chelsea had several drinks prior to her makeup session (and she does have the asian glow) -- which we had to cover up.

tarte - rich brown with gold shimmer
tarte - deep shimmery bronze
forever21 eyeshadow palette
MAC fluidline - black
revlon colorstay eyeliner crayon - brown black

generic japanese lashes - ME-7
daiso japan - #13 (for outer flare)
**yes, 2 sets of lashes!**


kryolan eyebrow kit
MAC eyeshadow - boutique brown (discontinued color)
MAC eyebrow pencil - strut

korres monoi oil bronzing powder - sunglow light
nars - orgasm
NYX - orange

MAC eyebrow pencil - strut (yes, eyebrow pencil on the lips!)
MAC lipstick - marengo
MAC eyeshadow - phloof (right in the middle of the lower lips to create a puffy contour)
MAC eyeshadow - brun (right underneath the lips above the chin, to fake more pout!)
shiseido "the makeup" corrector pencil - light (right above the cupids bow to create even more pout!)

**edit: ok, you guys got me. "chelsea" is a he. =)


Zoey said...

Looking good, Miss Chelsea!!

Anonymous said...

i have trouble w/ eyeshadow.. dunno if its just me or that i have asian eyes. can you show step by step and how far the eyeshadow should come out from ur eyelid to eyebrow?

miss cakeface said...

that kind of depends on how much lid space you have between your brows and eyes, and the colors you use. for me, there are no rules. it's more of a blending issue but i'll def put a tutorial on my to-do list. thanx! =)

Anonymous said...

looks good. Like the eye shadow.

the harsh light from the head-on flash is not great for portrait though. here are some solutions:

1. Get an external flash with a swivel head. point the flash away from the subject and bounce the light off a wall or ceiling.

2. A lightbox might be overkill but it's best for indoor portrait shots.

3. Use natural light to take the pictures. Diffused sunlight near a window is best. If the light source is light bulb, u can use custom white balance (take a picture of a white paper, then set it as the white balance).

4. Put something over the flash to diffuse the light.

miss cakeface said...

thanx for the photo tips! =D

Anonymous said...

can we see his before pictures?

Anonymous said...

that looks so good!-unee

insensible said...

I found how you did the lips quite interesting, i will have to try that out! :)

oh and btw, i really like your blog, so i put a link up on my blog :)

miss cakeface said...

aww thanks! =)

Anonymous said...

-gorgeous! looks amazing,
great blog! (:
havea nice day,

kan said...

Looks great! It takes a real man to do this LOL!