Sunday, February 28, 2010

new HG mascara..?

ok, so i promised myself i would try to find a cheaper HG mascara to replace my Dior. well, i found another HG alright... but it aint cheaper! =\

*~post to follow~*

Saturday, February 20, 2010

my new picture wallet

you like!? i do!

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils

well... let's see. i like this mascara a lot but it's not much better than Dior. here are my thoughts:

PROS: the brush is nice because it's not as bulky as Dior's, and the bristles are shorter and more fine (kind of like Voluminous), so it coats all of your lashes better, even the shorter ones. another plus point is that your lashes stay flexible even after 3 coats! it's a lightweight mascara that lengthens and thickens. it doesn't thicken as well as Dior, but it's better than others. it also holds a curl very well-- better than most! i don't even have to curl my lashes when i'm using this mascara. (well, that's also because after i started using Revitalash and Dea Bella, my lashes have been growing in a curve anyway.) either way, this mascara does not weigh your lashes down. it also has a pretty nice rosy scent. some ppl may not like this, but i find it pleasant.

CONS: the only thing i dislike about this mascara is it's huge price tag! $30 is way too much to spend on something you're only going to use for approx 2 mos. maybe if money wasn't an issue, i'd repurchase. i know Dior isn't much cheaper --and yes, i'm trying to find a cheaper alternative to my HG as well--but $30 is pretty up there. i can buy a whole tube of Laura Mercier primer for that price!

here are a couple pics:
3 coats

overall, this mascara is a keeper but i will not repurchase because of the price. =*(

$30 (boo~!)
Where to Buy: Bloomies, Sephora
Overall Rating: 4.5/5 stars
Tip: try it when Sephora has their store-wide promotions (e.g., $15 off $30 coupons, 25% off online purchases, etc.), don't overcurl!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

beauty of the day

i absolutly LOVE victoria beckham's look in this month's Glamour mag. the innocent pink-peachy colors contrast the dramatic liner very well.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

*upcoming review* - YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils

ok, i admit it. i'm a litttttttle obsessed w/ mascara. but part of the reason is -- i'm always looking for something better and more worth my money. i LOVE my Dior Blackout but it dries out so darn quickly (even when i have an ample amount of product left in the tube)! yea yea, i know you're supposed to discard mascara after 2 mos anyway (for hygienic reasons), but hey, i put it on when my face is the cleanest, so i'd like for it to last a little longer while there is still enough product left.

i promised myself (well, kinda sorta) not to spend more than $25 dollars on my mascaras but i broke that promise today with this:

YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils

it's supposed to be just as volumnizing as Dior but more lengthening. (lets see if it actually is!) a couple other reasons why i bought this mascara is that it's supposed to hydrate your lashes (won't leave them dry and brittle after you wash it off), and it's supposed to last longer than Dior -- meaning, the formula won't change consistency and harden as quickly. the only downside is the price - $30. i hope i'm getting what i paid for!

i'm super excited! review to follow.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Revlon ColorStay - alternative to MUFE Aqua Eyes..?!

my lil cousin swears by the Revlon ColorStay eyeliner so i decided to give it a try -- and boy am i glad i did! i did an eye-by-eye test w/ Revlon on my left eye and Make Up For Ever on the right, and i have to say they are pretty equivalent. i am currently on day #2 of testing, and today, Revlon is winning. i haven't done a water test however...

i usually don't try out a lot of drugstore brands because i can't just buy them and return them like i do department store brands, but i think i will venture out a bit more now. i now have a new HG liner for less than half the price!

i bought mine at Rite Aid for ~$7 something, and i got a second one for half off. i bought #201 (black) and #202 (black brown -- for the more natural look).

**edit 2/16/10 - wore this w/ only setting it lightly w/ powder, and boy, did i turn into a panda! MUFE is a little more forgiving when you don't set completely. this drops Revlon a star. sorry cuz!**

$5.99 - $7.39
Where to Buy:,, rite aid, cvs, walgreens, etc.
Overall Rating: 3.75/5 stars
Tip: always remember to set the liner w/ powder after application (this goes for ALL eyeliners). sometimes, i'm lazy and i end up w/ semi-panda eyes even w/ the best eyeliners.

thanx candice!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

quickie update!

it's been all quickie posts lately!

1) denim leggings - 5 ppl converted and counting!

2) doing miss.T makeup for her wedding this weekend. she's going to look fab!

3) been drinking red bull every day. i <333333!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

quickie review: fiberwig mascara

i was so excited to try out this mascara (because it's been out for a while and some ppl are 'believers'), but i have to say that i was a little disappointed. it's supposed to lengthen and thicken, but for me, it didn't thicken enough. 2-3 coats of my HG mascara (Dior Blackout) = 5-7+ coats of Imju Fiberwig. some ppl recommend using another, more volumizing mascara underneath it -- but for $24, i think it should do both!! (BTW- if you buy it from an asian place, e.g., japanese markets or makeup/accessory place, you can get it for $19.99)

overall, i think it's OK. i'll test it out for a couple more days but i think this one's going back. i'm running out of Dior anyway, which is about the same price.