Tuesday, February 2, 2010

quickie review: fiberwig mascara

i was so excited to try out this mascara (because it's been out for a while and some ppl are 'believers'), but i have to say that i was a little disappointed. it's supposed to lengthen and thicken, but for me, it didn't thicken enough. 2-3 coats of my HG mascara (Dior Blackout) = 5-7+ coats of Imju Fiberwig. some ppl recommend using another, more volumizing mascara underneath it -- but for $24, i think it should do both!! (BTW- if you buy it from an asian place, e.g., japanese markets or makeup/accessory place, you can get it for $19.99)

overall, i think it's OK. i'll test it out for a couple more days but i think this one's going back. i'm running out of Dior anyway, which is about the same price.


diesegeld said...

I agree fiberwig does take ages to build up! I have found using lancome hypnose after a couple of coats of fiberwig gives amazing long + volumised lashes, I always do it if I'm going out for the night :)!


VaidaG said...

I heard it is pretty hard to remove it...?

miss cakeface said...

it's actually pretty easy to remove. warm water and gentle rubbing. =)