Wednesday, January 27, 2010

BEST.EVER eyeshadow primer

ok, for those of you w/ oily lids... this post is for you!

i've tried a variety of eyeshadow primers (e.g., toofaced, urban decay, mac paint pot in painterly -- to name a few). but mac paint (NOT paint pot) in bare canvas beats them all!

before i found this little jewel, i was using the urban decay eyeshadow primer (aka urban decay primer potion/UDPP). i'm actually still using it and will probably finish the horribly designed bottle so i don't waste.

what makes mac paint bare canvas superior to UDPP is its staying power and better packaging. urban decay does a pretty decent job at keeping my eye makeup on for most days, but sometimes, i still end up w/ slight oily creasing by the end of the day. however, w/ the mac paint, my eyeshadow (on both light and heavy wear days) looks matte ALL DAY. the packaging is good because it's hygienic (because you're not constantly dipping a sponge into the tube), and the product lasts longer because it's kept in an air-tight tube, which helps to keep the product fresh.

Where to Buy: you know where!
Overall Rating: 5+/5 stars
Tip: if you're already happy w/ urban decay primer potion (or whatever else you're using), you might not like this better. but for those of you w/ oily lids, you'll LOVE it. as w/ any primers, wear less than you think you need; you don't want to be able feel the product with your fingers after you apply. also, since the consistency of the product is thicker than UDPP, make sure you rub it in well, and do so quickly. it's thick but it dries quickly. lastly, don't moisturize your lids right before you put this on - it will make the primer less effective.


Mary in Wonder said...

ooh Thank you for the recommendation! Right now I'm thinking of CPing an Etude House base, but I'm not sure. If you ever happen to come across it, would you mind doing a review/comparison to the Etude one too?
Thanks and keep up the good work!

miss cakeface said...

for sure! =)

kan said...

Hey~ It's been a while hehe. When you say something is the "best ever" I believe you! I've been using UD's primer for a while now but I'm definitely going to try MAC's primer...Thanks for sharing!! =)

I like that both these companies don't test on animals...I'm trying to switch to animal friendly products this year ;)

miss cakeface said...

let me know what you think of it. =D i hope this one's a winner for you too. if not, sorry!

kan said...

I got it and I like it! It actually performed better than UD's primer potion. Thanks! x)

miss cakeface said...

yay! glad to hear it worked out for you! =D

eemolovesmila said...

ahree, let me have your urban decay primer! im running out...