Tuesday, December 30, 2008

currently testing: revitalash

ok, so i gave in.

i'm VERY happy using fakies but decided to try Revitalash out because my sister and mom have had great results. DUDE, their lashes are as long as my natural-looking fakies (which are still quite long). lol

i'm trying this product out on both my lashes and BROWS! if you remember, i was trying to grow my eyebrows to k-spec (korean popstar brows), which are nice, thick and natural-looking. i eventually gave up because one side never grew out.

first impressions: application was smooth; didn't sting like it does for some people. no side effects so far.

i'll update in 3 weeks, then in 8. i heard you're supposed to begin to see results in 3 weeks, but dramatic results in 8.

i just hope that there are no long-term side effects since this isn't an all natural product like Talika Lipocils (which didn't work for me).

Monday, December 29, 2008

blue day

those of you who know me have seen this piece before.

the other photos from this makeup session are scary so i won't put them up!

currently testing: la mer - the eye concentrate

i love la mer (the moisturizing creme) so i've decided to try out the eye concentrate.

first impressions:
- expensive! $165 (but i shouldn't complain because the creme is $230 for the mid-size)
- burns my eyes a lil when i put it on (and no, i'm not putting it IN my eyes). i think i should put it even further from my eyes. if it continues to burn, i'll discontinue and return.

i really want to like this product... but we'll see.

Friday, December 26, 2008

another MAC coupon

free shipping w/ any purchase. use code: EDNA8

not too crazy about the Edna line though.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

MAC: brief hx & fun facts

bits of history:
Make-up Art Cosmetics (MAC) was founded in 1984 in Toronto, Canada by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo. Toskan was a make-up artist and photographer, and Angelo was the owner of a chain of hair salons. Both recognized the need for cosmetic products that would retain their integrity under the intense lighting involved in fashion photography. The lighting conditions during fashion photoshoots often created conditions under which everyday make-up either didn’t hold up well or photographed badly. So, Toskan and Angelo set out to create a line that would hold up to these types of challenges, as well as cater to people of “all ages, all races, [and] all sexes.”

MAC first launched from a single counter in the basement of a department store in downtown Toronto. Like the staff now, the employees were professional makeup artists (dressed in all black, of course), who were eager to explain the attributes of the new line. With its wide range of colors and formulas, MAC was an immediate hit. What also attracted customers was the brand's blunt attitude and playfulness that added to the shopping experience. As fans from fashion and entertainment began sporting the brand and talking about it to the media, sales of MAC exploded.

The MAC line includes a broad range of color-oriented, professional cosmetics and professional make-up tools which appeal to makeup artists and fashion-conscious consumers. In North America, MAC products are available in various department stores (i.e., Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Nordstrom, etc.) as well as in free-standing stores. However, not all stores carry all of the same items For example, only the MAC Pro stores carry the black (not grey) eyelash glue and the Antique Gold pigment (separate from the holiday pack). They carry a lot more, but these are just the two items I’ve looked for (unsuccessfully) at the non-pro MAC stores. The only two Pro stores that I am aware of off-hand are the ones on Robertson (LA) and the MAC store inside South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa). Internationally, MAC products are available in over 60 countries (even Israel), with about 750 stores worldwide!

what you may not have known:
In December 1994, Estée Lauder acquired a majority of MAC, and then increased its ownership in March 1997. Now (or as of February 1998) Estée Lauder is the sole owner of MAC. When I first heard about this news a while back, I was quite disappointed because I associated Estée Lauder products to perfume-drenching, old women. But now, I realize that they’re just one baller company who started various decent brands (e.g., Clinique, Aramis and Lab Series, Prescriptives, Origins) and decided to buy out several really good brands (e.g., MAC, Bobbi Brown, La Mer, Bumble and Bumble). Good business move, I guess.

resources: prnewswire.com, wikipedia, maccosmetics.com, macpro.com

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


did you miss the free overnight shipping the other day? then take advantage of this!

free 2-day shipping upgrade with any purchase.
enter offer code 2DAY at checkout. expires sunday, 12/21.

and remember, the holiday sets are still 25% off!!!

quote of the day

"If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best."

- Marilyn Monroe

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

make a bobblehead e-card @ sephora.com + receive FREE lashes or lipstick

this is old news for ppl who keep up w/ coupon codes, but i didn't know about this bobblehead thing til today! my sis doesn't know i did this to her! woohoO!

**click to preview**

you actually don't have to make your own bobblehead (or "mistletoe makeover" chick) in order to get the free lashes or lipstick. just use code: WINKORKISS during checkout to skip the whole process. i check out the free lashes -- not that great. it's like the super basic cross-hair kind.

Monday, December 15, 2008

25% off MAC holiday sets! + FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING!

25% off until supplies last.
FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING is only valid today 12/15 w/ code: TB1DAY

thanx for the heads up, amy!

Monday, December 8, 2008

when you're bored

do it up!

wig: "vanessa" by winfrey, shadow: stila & l'oreal high intensity pigments; liner: k-palette, make up for ever; lips: lorac mocktails, lashes: ?? (can't see them anyway here); mascara: givenchy - eye fly; blush: nars - orgasm

Saturday, December 6, 2008

innocent & fun makeup

featured cutie: my cousin in law, candii
event: high school winter formal

ok, i totally forgot everything i used (except for the lashes, which i think were by VOV). lower lid glitter by etude.

these tinsel-striped lashes are so fun because the silver really pops when you blink. this adds a whole other level to batting your eyes.

oh, and by the way, sephora is offering FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS (no minimum) w/ promo code SHOPNOW:

offer ends 12/9!

Friday, December 5, 2008

circle lenses - warnings & recommendations

finally! time to update this topic! **warning, long post** if you don't wanna read all of it, read the last few paragraphs.

what are circle lenses?
circle lenses are cosmetic contact lenses that make the colored part of your eye (the iris) look bigger. as a result, it makes you look more alert and innocent, and quite anime-looking. (i think they make you have baby eyes... which is a good thing if you're going for the cute look.) you can get circle lenses w/ or w/o prescription.

(korean actress w/ & w/o circle lenses)

more circle lens photos *here*

circle lenses are not FDA approved in the U.S. (but they are in Korea) so you can't legally get them in the states from your optometrist. however, you can get them online thru international websites (asian sites mostly) and thru private sellers on forums.

my experience:
well, i don't know where to start. i LOVE circle lenses and how they make me look. i've been wearing contacts (regular U.S. contacts w/ prescription) for over 10 years. i've NEVER had any problems with my eyes... until i started to wear circle lenses. *sigh...

when i first found out about circle lenses, i was interested but was hesitant to buy them because i heard they were bad for your eyes. but then i thought, all the korean celebrities are wearing them... they can't be that bad, right? another reason why i was hesitant was because the only vendor i found (at the time) was some seller from singapore on some asian forum. korean contacts from singapore..? ummmm. i don't know. either way, my curiosity (and vanity) won and i purchased my first set of contacts from the seller on the forum. long story short, i ended up returning those lenses because the seller was SHADY. she gave me lenses that were not even my prescription (i got them checked by my optometrist). it was a BIG hassle to get my refund. "BIG hassle" is even an understatement. BIG mistake buying from the seller (username starts with P). BOO~

i did some research before throwing my money to another seller for circle lenses. i ended up finally making a purchase at e-circlelens.com, a company based in korea. the website looked legit and when i e-mailed them, they responded with a kind, knowledgeable response (if you ever get an e-mail response from a company or seller that doesn't sound professional = red flag). the prices on this site were a bit more (~$70/pair vs. $35-40/pair), but i thought it was worth it if it means that that the lenses are the REAL DEAL (from Korea) and that the prescription is likely to be correct.

i received the lenses and eventually started wearing them every day (or almost every day). after 4 months of frequent wear, my vision began to worsen. (i have minor astigmatism but since it's so minor, i can wear regular non-toric lenses.) even my regular american lenses became blurry for me. i eventually went to my optometrist and got my vision checked, and it was confirmed that my vision had worsened... including my astigmatism! she told me that i can no longer wear normal lenses, but NEED toric (astigmatism-correction) lenses. i was SO bummed because all the cool lenses do not come in toric. she also advised that i stop wearing contacts for a while. i was sooo sad but i complied (for the most part). after a week of looking dorky in my old glasses, my eyes began to get better. i then continued to wear my contacts again (circles and regular).

a couple of months later, my eyes began to reject even regular contact lenses. every time i had contacts on, my eyes would get red. since i've never had any eye issues before i started to wear circle lenses, i discontinued use of the circle lenses and just wore regular ones... BUT my eyes were rejecting those as well. just a year ago, i was able to sleep in my lenses (occasionally, that is) without any problems. but during this time, my eyes got bloodshot even after a 1-hour nap with my lenses. WTH?! this persisted for months. i was horrified because i thought i could never wear contacts again. i had my eyes checked by 2 optometrists and 1 ophthalmologist, and they all found no infection or abrasions. so what was it? 2/3 of the professionals told me that i had dry eye, which was probably causing the redness. BUT i've known that i had dry eye for a LONG time, so why would it cause my eyes to suddenly get super sensitive to contacts now?! that's why it was difficult to accept the diagnoses from the professionals (or maybe i just didn't want to face that i had another problem).

7 depressing months later (after giving circle lenses a rest), my eyes finally began to get better. during the 7 months, i pretty much laid off of my normal circle lenses and wore U.S. lenses and a 'safer' circle lens (1-day acuvue define). now, my eyes look and feel like they did before, and they do not get red very often. *happy sigh* it could still be due to dry eyes (or my dry eyes could have contributed to the previous conditions), BUT i am almost certain that frequent wear of my original circle lenses was the bigger culprit to my eye problems.

advice & warnings:
1) if you want to wear circle lenses, LOOK at the water content of them before you buy. most of the year-long circle lenses have approx 38% of water content (vs. 55-58% of normal lenses). less water = less oxygen to eyes = BAD!!!

2) BE WARY of sellers on forums. everyone is nice when you're throwing money at them. most of them are young kids who are filling a demand and making some pocket change. WHERE ARE THEY GETTING THEIR CONTACTS FROM? remember, there are such things as fake (copied) circle lenses, which can be even more dangerous!

3) if you want a safer alternative, buy 1-day acuvue define (circle lenses) -- they now come in 2-week disposables but you can't find the 2-week ones online. these lenses have a higher water content, and are thinner (allows your eyes to breathe more). it's also produced by ACUVUE, so you know they're safe. the down side is that they are more subtle (they do not enhance your iris as much as others, so less doll-like) and they don't come in the cool colors like the others do.

(acuvue define in black & brown.. i like the black better)

BOTTOM LINE: if you HAVE to have the cool-looking circle lenses, PLEASE wear them only occasionally. i seriously didn't see the 7 months of looking like a stoner coming until it was too late.

** note: my thoughts on circle lenses and what they did to my eyes are only my opinions. no doctor confirmed my theory. they all told me i had 'dry eye.' either way, my experience has taught me to be more careful. **

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

sebastian mousse forte

okay... so i'm a sucker for cute, modern packaging. i also trust sebastian products because i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE potion 9 (their wearable hair treatment). however, this product has to be one of the worst mousses out on the high-end hair product market. or maybe, since i don't use too many high-end hair products, i just expected more...? i don't know.

instructions: "Apply to damp hair. Blow dry for extra body, air dry to enhance waves and curls."

i've tried this product twice already - once with dry hair and the second time with wet hair. both times it failed to impress. unless i'm doing something totally wrong, mousse "forte" isn't so forte.

bottom line: don't waste your money ($11-$14). you may get the same (if not better) peformance out of a drug store brand. **but do try potion 9!**

Thursday, November 27, 2008

fusion beauty - lipfusion lip plump

i like this product because it moisturizes and plumps your lips without making your lips burn, or making you look like you just smeared a bunch of chili peppers all over your lips. some people may like the pink/redness effects on and around their lips but i definitely don't, especially since i like to get a little bit of plumping going on right above my lips (to try to enhance my upper lip more). i want a healthy-looking plump w/o the redness. this product lets me do that.

one thing to note though - it definitely doesn't last as long as it claims to, ("Results can last for up to 48 hours") -- yea, maybe if you put it on and don't eat, kiss, or go out of your house! i know it says "up to," but even if I were to try hard not to touch anything with my lips, i don't know how results can even last longer than 5 hours). it also isn't a miracle product. if you have thin lips, there's only so much it will plump. overall, I like the product because it works without burning... now only if it was cheaper!

fusion beauty has a stronger lip plumper - lipfusion XL advanced lip plumping therapy. i haven't tried that one yet because it's $50!

anyway, here are the vitals for the regular version. it also comes in various colors, but i like the clear because you can lather it on w/o feeling like you're overdoing it. this lip plumper is definitely worth trying if you don't mind the price.

Price: $36.00+ (not so nice!)
Where to Buy: sephora, lipfusion.com
Overall Rating: 3.5/5 stars (only because of the steep price. if i were to rate JUST the product, it would be 4/5)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

alpha hydrox 12% glycolic AHA souffle

don't waste your money on microdermabrasion. exfoliate w/ AHA!

anti-wrinkle, fragrance-free, oil-free

this is a wonderful product. it may be a little harsh on your skin in the beginning for some people (like me), but it's one product that i can say that has definitely improved the texture of my skin. AHA stands for "alpha hydroxy acid" - it is an exfoliant. i usually use it @ night before bed and i wake up with soft, exfoliated skin without the need for scrubbing! one thing to note is that you HAVE TO use sunscreen (during the daytime) when using an AHA product, as it causes your skin to be more sun sensitive. this shouldn't be a surprise to people who have used ANY anti-aging or acne skin products.

the only problem i have w/ this souffle is its packaging. i hate products where you have to dip your fingers into it.

here are the basics:
Application: smooth, sinks in to skin (non-greasy), but tingly (kinda like you got hairdye on your skin -- not a great feeling, but if you can endure it, it'll be worth it)
Price: $14.99 - $15.99 (cheap!)
Where to Buy: neotericcosmetics.com, drugstore.com
Overall Rating: 5/5 stars!
Tip: if you have sensitive skin, make sure you do a skin test before using it on your whole face. recommended areas to test: right under your ear OR on the lighter part of your wrist (underneath).

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Saturday, October 18, 2008

kinerase C6 peptide intensive treatment

this is the treatment that Courtney Cox uses and has gotten a lot of exposure because of it. however, that doesn't say much because (w/ all due respect) Courtney Cox doesn't look young anymore. either way, due to all of the good ingredients in this product (e.g., argireline--an advanced hexapeptide, vitamin C & E, green tea), i decided to try it out.

my impression:

i am a little on the fence about this product. knowing the ingredients make me feel like it's a wonderful product; however, i have not seen any visual improvements on my skin. i don't have many skin problems as is (and maybe that's why it didn't do much), but i was still looking for some type of improvement as far as skin texture, tone, etc. goes. i haven't noticed a thing. the only thing i can say is that it might have helped prevent additional skin damage, along with my sunblock -- but that's about it. i may repurchase for preventative reasons but definitely not to help fix anything.

basic 411:
Application: smooth, sinks in to skin (non-greasy)
$96 (but you can find it cheaper if you search online)
Where to Buy: various places online (e.g., amazon.com, skinstore.com, dermadoctor.com), Sephora
Overall Rating: 3/5 stars (not worth it, but definitely not a bad product)
Tip: if you wanna try it, i suggest just getting it at Sephora and returning it if it doesn't work out.

Friday, September 26, 2008

pure beauty!

natalie portman

Saturday, September 20, 2008


no, not the injections. i'm talking about natural collagen... the kind that your body produces!

so, what is collagen?
Collagen is a major structural protein in the skin. It plays a key role in providing the structural scaffolding for cells, tissues, and organs. If it weren't for collagen, the body would literally fall apart. Collagen also gives the skin its strength and durability and is responsible for the smooth, plump appearance of young, healthy skin. Understanding the structure and function of collagen will help you better know how to maintain a healthy, youthful appearance. (source: nuskin.com)

Basically, collagen keeps your skin nice, tight and plump (in a healthy, non-fattening way). Take this example: PORES. Why is it that little kids don't have any visible pores? It's because they have an abundance of healthy collagen (and elastin + other biological and environmental factors). as we age, our collagen production decreases and/or breaks down, causing our skin to look dull, thin, wrinkly, and loose. Sucks to get old, ey?

ways to promote collagen production
There are many ways to promote the synthesis of new, healthy collagen. First, you can provide the skin with a reserve of vitamin C. As a necessary cofactor in collagen synthesis, vitamin C is proven to increase the production of collagen. One study showed that extended exposure of human connective-tissue cells to vitamin C stimulated an eight-fold increase in the synthesis of collagen (Murad et al., 1981).

Another way to promote the synthesis of collagen is to use chemical exfoliants, such as alphahydroxy and polyhydroxy acids, which break down the bonds between cells of the stratum corneum and slough away dead skin. Consistent exfoliation stimulates cell renewal. Chemical exfoliation has also been shown to increase dermal thickness. Scientists attribute this dermal thickening to the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans and collagen within the dermis.

A third way to promote collagen synthesis is to supplement with collagen stimulating peptides. Fibroblasts are naturally stimulated to begin the synthesis of collagen when specific combinations of peptide signal molecules (fibroblast growth factors) bind to receptor sites on the fibroblast membrane. These signal molecules can be supplemented with topically and help boost collagen production. Some skin care companies are including these peptide fragments in their treatment products.

Because collagen gives the skin its strength, durability, and smooth, plump appearance, it's important to protect and promote collagen growth. Taking good care of your skin means taking care of your collagen. (source: nuskin.com)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Photo Update: K-Palette & Make Up For Ever

ok, here's the photo of the K-Palette "1-Day Tattoo" (on top) and the Make Up For Ever AQUA EYES (on bottom). i know you can't see the lower liner but it's there. lol

i've had them both on for about 11 hours right now. K-Palette hasn't flaked off. not too shabby, huh?

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Make Up For Ever AQUA EYES - Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil

ok, this has got to be one of the best waterproof pencil liners out there. as you may or may not have noticed, i've been on a quest to find the best smudge/water-proof eyeliners because i'm sick of looking @ my panda face @ the end of the night and realizing that i was frolicking around in public looking like this the whole day.

anyway, if you're a Sephora Beauty Insider, you might've gotten the e-mail introducing Make Up For Ever's AQUA EYES. i usually delete those e-mails but this one kind of interested me so i decided to check it out.

i did a eye-by-eye test w/ Make Up For Ever's AQUA EYES and Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil, because a Sephora associate told me that the Urban Decay liner has been the best-selling waterproof pencil liner for a while, and that they just got the Make Up For Ever eyeliner in (since they don't carry the whole line of products for Make Up For Ever like the other products). after an hour, AQUA EYES and 24/7 were pretty much equal. application was also similar as well. by the end of the night, i think the AQUA EYES was only slightly better.

so for those of you who don't like the Elvira/Amy Winehouse liquid liner look, Make Up For Ever's AQUA EYES is worth a try. it comes in almost all the colors of the rainbow so you can have fun w/ it. i bought Star Black 1L (black sheen). this is like a greyish black. it isn't as stark as Matte Black (which is super black) so it might look better if you're using it to line underneath your eyes. it's also dark enough to put it on your top lids as well, but if you're like me (w/ oily top lids), you might end up with a widddddle bit of panda. either way, this liner performs better than others i've tried.

here are some basics:
Application: pretty smooth -- not waxy
Removal: needs more umph than non-waterproof liners but your regular makeup remover with a Q-tip will do the trick.
Price: $16.00 (well worth it!)
Where to Buy: makeupforever.com or Sephora (both store & online but i think you can only get the crazy colors online)
Overall Rating: 4/5 stars

**P.S.- if you can't find it, Urbay Decay's 24/7 is still a good alternative. same price, almost same quality.**

Friday, August 22, 2008

k-palette real lasting eyeliner 24hr waterproof *my HG liner*

the problem i have with eyeliner (all kinds: liquid, pencil, gel, etc.) is that, somehow, they all like to migrate down to my lower lids (even the Bobby Brown gel liner). if left unwiped, i basically end up looking like a panda by the end of the night midday. so, i decided to try the "1-Day Tattoo." i actually saw this eyeliner at the TOP 10 store when i was in Japan last winter. i was curious about it then but didn't end up buying it. at the time, i thought it would be just like putting Sharpie on your face because it didn't erase or smudge when i tested it on my hand. maybe it is like Sharpie but just non-toxic..? either way, i finally decided to quench my curiosity and try it out.

current status: 10 hours -- no panda face. WHOA! i don't think i can go 24 hours because that is just gross. overall, i can officially say that i am impressed. i've found my new HG eyeliner! i would post a pic but i look horrible right now.

** Edit Added: Responses to Comments **

Flake/No Flake?: no flake BUT if you rub later in the day (and have oily lids), it might rub off a little bit, but this is TOTALLY not like the typical waterproof cracking/flaking that happens with other waterproof liquid liners. this liner goes on so thin on application. you might even have to layer it on if you want that thick don't-f*ck-w/me look. hehe
Removal: surprisingly, it comes off pretty well w/ a little bit of face soap and water. so here's the recap. it doesn't run down your face even if you have oily lids (like i do). if you don't touch it, it doesn't smudge at all. but if you wanna take it off, just wash it off like you normally do. voila!
Where to Buy: i bought mine @ life plaza in hacienda but i've seen it at japanese goody shops. =) you might want to try marukai (not nijia), but only if it's a big one.
Overall Rating: 5/5 stars

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

update coming soon

sorry! school is kicking my (_(_)!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

well lookie here!

they featured me on HairCrazy! my pic is the photo of the month!! woohoo! =D

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

my growing eyebrows

just a lil update on my almost-korean brows. well, so far for me, the talika isn't working on my bald brow spots yet. i've only used it for ~2.5 weeks or so, so i still need to give it another week or two.

here are my brows. most of the shape is from DRAWING them in, but i do have sprouts of new hair underneath.. just blotchy though. =\

Friday, May 2, 2008

beauty secrets to share!

i've receive some 411 from my friends re: their HG beauty products. thought i'd update to share! (btw- "HG" = holy grail) this blog isn't just for me to to blab about the things i know or like, but it's also a place where i'd LOVE to learn from everyone else. =)

alrighty.. products i'm going to try:
* makemania liquid liner - tried this but it flaked off on my top lids. =*(
* neutrogena makeup remover
* _______________?

this will be updated with more n more things i find out about. thanks girls! (btw, if you don't want your beauty secret posted up here, let me know - i'm all about the hush if needed.) =P

Thursday, May 1, 2008

i'm thinking about...

cutting my hair!

i swore to myself i wouldn't do it anytime soon, but i'm getting so bored w/ my stock locks.

(to be cont.)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

pink eye

i did a bad thing this weekend, and i'm paying for it now. after a LONG day @ the long beach grand prix, i came home and fell asleep w/ my makeup & contacts on.

the next morning, i woke up w/ pink eye (or something that really looked like pink eye).

i'm currently in the process of sterilizing my contacts, makeup, and makeup brushes. i may need to throw them out. ugggHHHHh.. what a hassle.

learn from my mistake, please.

i need to wash my eye area with tear-free baby shampoo. believe it or not, it's actually good for you.

Friday, April 18, 2008

eyelash shedding?

(request per Stella -- hope this helps!)

my eyelashes shed quite a bit but i don't mind (that much) since i love wearing fakies. however, there is a great number of girls that do rely on their stock lashes to do the batting. (what's "batting?" think Betty Boop's eyes in action!) anyway, here are some tips from various sources about how to preserve and/or regrow your lashes:

* avoid using old (slightly crusted) mascara
* avoid wearing waterproof mascara - it takes so much rubbing to remove even w/ the best makeup removers
* avoid doing a lot of rubbing when removing eye makeup - in my opinion, oil-based (or partly oil-based) makeup removers work the best to remove all kinds of makeup.. even eyelash glue!
* have patience when removing fake eyelashes (if you're like me, you get impatient and want to yank them off when they're half off -- not good!) a good way to remove them is to douse a fatty q-tip (not the cheapy brand q-tips w/ very little cotton) and gently rub over the base of your lash line, back-n-forth, back-n-forth until they loosen up. then position the q-tip horizontally (from your lash line) and roll outwards continuously from the base of your lashes out. this will gently pull the fakies off your lids.
* protect your lashes w/ vaseline - a lot of ppl put vaseline on the roots of their lashes AND on the lashes themselves to condition and protect (and some ppl even use vaseline instead of mascara(!!) but i'm sure they're the borrriqua chicks who already have thick, long lashes to begin with.)
*try talika lipocils - a product that's receive great reviews on eyelash growth. many ppl say that it helps make eyelashes thicker, but not necessarily longer... which is still good if you're mostly concerned about shedding. (they should have it @ sephora so you can probably buy it and return it if it doesn't work.)
**i think i'm going to order the eyebrow version of this product today. i'm determined to get the korean popstar eyebrows sooner than later -- this require LOTS of regrowth on my part.**

**update** talika didn't work for me! boo~ good thing sephora accepts returns. hehe i guess if you want to go with a product that definitely works (or works for most, shall i say), you have to dish out $150 and buy Revitalash. just don't use more than recommended because it can be harmful for you.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

bought another wig...

no, i'm not depressed this time. i think i'll like this one better because it's a darker pink.

>> edit added <<

here is a photo of me & my other wig.

a bit too short and not as full as i had expected, but it photographs quite well.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

free jamba breakfast

today only
til 10am~

goodies for your skin, yessss!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

non-staining hair dye?

it's possible! hahahaa ok, so i quit using the hardcore professional stuff - main reason being that i don't fry my hair as much as i used to, so drugstore stuff is ok for me now - still not good for your hair, but what really is?

after i got the black hair dye stripped off my hair (aka color correction), i started using Garnier Nutrisse to get my hair to a nice, medium brown. (FYI- using golden brown will get your hair ligher than using light golden brown will, if your natural haircolor is dark.) it was the typical type of hair dye -- got the hair lightened but also stained my face (the part that touched my skin -- which washed off after scrubbing) as well as the shower floor, and other places it may have dripped on. this is very normal. hair dye is also supposed to bleed out like a used art brush when washed.

BUT TODAY - i was @ target (the place to pick up chicks, might i add... i swear, target sends subliminal messages thru their ads or something to make girls want to go there), and there was this other Garnier hair dye that was right next to the Garnier Nutrisse that was calling out to me. i've always seen this line around, but never really bothered to try it. since it was manufactured by the same company, i thought the risk was minimal as far as color matching -- so i decided to try it. woohoo! dare of the week!

application: a little runnier than Nutrisse, but still a creme consistency.
time: comparable. 25 mins for new growth (roots), 5 mins for already-treated hair.
staining: NONE! i sometimes dye my eyebrows (although this is NOT recommended because if hair dye gets into your eyes, you can go blind). but anyway, i put a little on my brows today. normally, with other dyes, i would look like a monster within 5-10 minutes after application because the dye would basically paint/stain my skin, and i'd look like i drew my eyebrows in with a spoon. this dye didn't do it at all!
washout: another surprise. i did not see the usual dark brown waterfall @ my feet during my shower. i almost felt like i was taking a normal shower. that deserves a W-O-W in sign language. color results: pretty much identical to the Nutrisse. =)

overall, i've found myself a new hair dye. want to know the name?

it's Garnier 100% Color. i used this specific color (UB-3), which is golden brown. of course, if you're asian, all haircolor will look a lil more reddish due to the natural reddish pigment in our hair.

note: this hair dye is not suitable for ppl with mostly grey hair, and this hair dye doesn't damage your hair any less than the others. i just like it because it doesn't make a mess.

as of a few months ago, i switched to a salon brand called Ixora. less ammonia!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

when you're depressed...

buy yourself a wig!
school has started up again, and i am depressed. so last night (at about 4am-ish), i decided to buy myself a nice funky wig.

doesn't it look so fun? can't wait to try it on!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Prescriptives Coupon Code

enter coupon code FFSP8 at checkout and receive 25% off your order + free shipping!
offer expires 3/21/08.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

my current cake mix


* UV Naturals spf 30 sunblock (smells gross though) OR Fougera zinc oxide (20%) ointment mixed with a dot of...
* Perricone tinted moisturizer - #02
* Bare Escentuals foundation primer
* MAC studio stick consealer - NC20
* MAC cream colour base - fawntastic
* Bare Escentuals power foundation - fairly light
* Bare Escentuals mineral veil
* MAC mineral powder - medium
* Shiseido powdery foundation - O20 (this is the compact i take in my purse. the others are @-home apps)


* MAC bronzer - refined golden
* Nars - orgasm

MAC browliner (self sharpening) - spiced
MAC eyeshadow - boutique brown

* Bobby Brown gel liner - black (THE best gel liner out there)
* MAC fluidline - graphic brown (i use it as a shadow by smearing it w/ my finger)
* MAC paint - graphite (base for the smokey eye look)
* MAC eyeshadows - black tied, carbon, classic white
* Stila - fall in love eyeshadow trio (discontinued now)
* NYX eyeliner - black (yes, i use cheap brands too!)
* Jill Stuart eyeshadow gel (great texture)
* Etude cream color shine - #15 (eye glitter)

* Darkness eyelashes - X series, F-series, i've tried everything
* Darkness eyelash glue (the absolute BEST glue)
* Givenchy eye fly - black (trying a big sample i got from being a sephora member lol. love it so far)

* Fusion Beauty lip fusion - clear
* Lorac mocktails - tropical dream, sex on the beach (i'm a sucker for lip glosses with brush applicators)
* NYX lipliner - natural, mauve
* Lip & Eye - 030 sheer (korean brand)

note: this is not all the junk that i have in my cakeup box, but just the products i've been using (more or less) lately.

Friday, March 7, 2008

wash, wash, pat, pat

so fresh n so clean!
i haven't been able to post in a while because i've been kidnapped by this thing called grad school. my bedtime is so late that it's early -- this is definitely NOT good for my skin, might i add. i am such a hypocrite... but what can i do? grad school is no joke. i don't even want to imagine how getting through a phD program would feel. anyway, back to my topic...

a couple of tips on washing your face! yes, it's such a simple process that we've been doing since childhood, but here are a few useful tips that will help keep your face nice and fresh:

tip #1: do a double wash with a gentle/mild cleanser before bed (mild means something that doesn't leave your face so tight afterwards), then do a single wash in the morning.
why? a double wash before bed allows you to remove as much dirt and excess oil before your skin goes into its "regenerating" mode when you're sleeping. in the morning, you only need a single wash (unless you have an oil problem) - there's not much to clean in the morning since you've cleaned it all off the night before!

tip #2: be nice to your face and gently pat your face dry instead of wiping it dry.
why? think about it. what's going on when you're smearing that towel across your face? you're no longer 10 years old with young, plump skin. your skin now can actually stretch a lil from frequent pulling. your face is not a dirty window. don't treat it like one.

tip #3: don't forget the toner! believe it or not, even after my double washes, i am often able to get more dirt/makeup off my face after i use toner (well, more so on days when i cake on the makeup) - this is also because i use an exfoliating toner. (i also have a moisturizing toner, which i've been using more these days. this one doesn't "remove" more dirt because i just splash it on my face vs. wiping it on w/ a cotton ball.) the main purpose of toner, however, is to restore the natural pH level in your skin.
what is pH and why is it important? "pH" stands for potential hydrogen. pH levels range from 0-14, from 0 being acidic, and 14 being alkaline. when the pH level of your skin is too high, your skin will lack power in fighting off infections (including acne). when the pH in your skin is too low, your skin will look dull, less elastic and older. the optimal pH level for your skin is 5.5 (slightly to the acidic side). when you wash your face, you strip the natural pH level off your skin (causing the pH in your skin to spike up). so you're doing yourself good by cleaning your face, but if you don't restore pH, you might be leaving your skin more vulnerable to damage.

tip #4: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! after all that washing, your skin is practically oil free. if you don't put any moisture back into your skin, it will work harder to compensate for the loss of moisture by producing more oil.
this will be worse if you use a stronger cleanser that dries out your skin. so try to find a cleanser that is effective yet gentle enough to let you smile w/o feeling like you're gonna rip your skin.

tip #5: this is a no-brainer. even if you're tired from a night of partying (or from a long day @ the dirty racetrack), MAKE YOURSELF WASH YOUR FACE BEFORE BED (even if it means forgoing some of the steps mentioned above). you'll thank yourself in the morning.
dirty skin = acne, expedited aging, larger pores, mid/quarter-life crisis, etc.

la. di. dah! =)

Monday, February 25, 2008

what are antioxidants?

ok, so we keep hearing about antioxidants and how they are so good for you. but do you really know what they are? here's a good definition that i found from wisegeek.com:

"Within the human body, millions of processes are occurring at all times. These processes require oxygen. Unfortunately, that same life giving oxygen can create harmful side effects, or oxidant substances, which cause cell damage and lead to chronic disease.

Oxidants, commonly known as "free radicals," are also introduced through external sources such as exposure to the sun or pollution. Other mediums include stress, as well as things that people put into their bodies, such as alcoholic beverages, unhealthy foods, and cigarette smoke.

In much the same way as oxidation creates rust, causing a breakdown on the surface of inanimate objects, oxidation inside the body causes a breakdown of cells. Free radicals produced by this breakdown attack healthy cells, usually DNA as well as proteins and fats. This chain of events weakens immunological functions as well as speeding up the aging process, and is also linked to several diseases such as cataracts, various forms of cancer, and heart disease."

Sunday, February 24, 2008

food for your skin

a good diet won't guarantee perfect skin (because some people do have to battle with heredity), but it definitely can't hurt. and if you think about how food allergies work and how quickly they can affect someone, the things you put into your mouth can definitely make a big difference!

here is a brief list of good-for-you foods. hopefully, you guys won't be allergic to any of them. =X

avocados - lots of good fats/oils and vitamin B3, which can help w/ redness & blotchiness
mangoes - lots of vitamin A, which maintains and repairs skin
blueberries - my personal favorite(!) these babies are LOADED with antioxidants.
almonds - good source of vitamin E as well as protein & magnesium
carrots - vitamins A & C
flaxseed oil - not only is this type of oil good for your heart, it's also good for your skin. omega-3s and good fats. (remember, fats aren't the enemy!)
pomegranate juice - contains anthocyanins (helps strengthen tiny blood vessels under your skin)
salmon - omega 3! BUT say "no" to atlantic salmon. a chef and writer from the LA Times (Foods section) once told me that anything from the Atlantic has more mercury that any other ocean/lake. YUK! King salmon is better.
sunflower seeds - lots of vitamin E, but watch out for the sodium if you're going sit there like a bird and crack away!
whole grains - lots of vitamin b, helps to reduce/avoid cracking skin.
green tea - you keep hearing that green tea is good for you... because it is! green tea has lots of vitamins and other good stuff like zinc, magnesium, calcium and so forth - one of the best sources for antioxidants.

(gathered from various sources from the web. i'm not that smart!)

first post!

yay~ finally got started! so, i've decided to create a blog dedicated to makeup, hair & skincare because i talk about them so much. here we go!