Tuesday, December 2, 2008

sebastian mousse forte

okay... so i'm a sucker for cute, modern packaging. i also trust sebastian products because i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE potion 9 (their wearable hair treatment). however, this product has to be one of the worst mousses out on the high-end hair product market. or maybe, since i don't use too many high-end hair products, i just expected more...? i don't know.

instructions: "Apply to damp hair. Blow dry for extra body, air dry to enhance waves and curls."

i've tried this product twice already - once with dry hair and the second time with wet hair. both times it failed to impress. unless i'm doing something totally wrong, mousse "forte" isn't so forte.

bottom line: don't waste your money ($11-$14). you may get the same (if not better) peformance out of a drug store brand. **but do try potion 9!**

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Yas said...

aww...that's sad. I love potion 9 for hair too but know I know that this one isn't a winner. Nonetheless thanks for sharing babes!