Thursday, November 27, 2008

fusion beauty - lipfusion lip plump

i like this product because it moisturizes and plumps your lips without making your lips burn, or making you look like you just smeared a bunch of chili peppers all over your lips. some people may like the pink/redness effects on and around their lips but i definitely don't, especially since i like to get a little bit of plumping going on right above my lips (to try to enhance my upper lip more). i want a healthy-looking plump w/o the redness. this product lets me do that.

one thing to note though - it definitely doesn't last as long as it claims to, ("Results can last for up to 48 hours") -- yea, maybe if you put it on and don't eat, kiss, or go out of your house! i know it says "up to," but even if I were to try hard not to touch anything with my lips, i don't know how results can even last longer than 5 hours). it also isn't a miracle product. if you have thin lips, there's only so much it will plump. overall, I like the product because it works without burning... now only if it was cheaper!

fusion beauty has a stronger lip plumper - lipfusion XL advanced lip plumping therapy. i haven't tried that one yet because it's $50!

anyway, here are the vitals for the regular version. it also comes in various colors, but i like the clear because you can lather it on w/o feeling like you're overdoing it. this lip plumper is definitely worth trying if you don't mind the price.

Price: $36.00+ (not so nice!)
Where to Buy: sephora,
Overall Rating: 3.5/5 stars (only because of the steep price. if i were to rate JUST the product, it would be 4/5)