Monday, December 28, 2009

MAC mineralize blush: cheek & cheerful *updated!*

this isn't a full review but i just wanted to post about my new purchase! i've been looking for a peachy blush so i can wear on my natural days, but i wanted one w/ some shimmer. (my everyday blush is the typical NARS - orgasm but i wanted something with less pink and more peach.) here's what i ended up buying:

MAC Mineralize - cheek & cheerful (cute name!) out of the package, it looks like a light bronzer. depending on your skin type/color, you might be able to use it as a bronzer.

here's what it looks like using a very light hand:

if you wanted to make it more dramatic, you can. sorry, i don't have one of those crazy cameras that show great detail. it looks great in person!

Where to Buy: you already know!
Overall Rating: TBD but so far, it's @ least 4 stars
Tip: coming soon!

well, so i wore cheek & cheerful today. i still like it but i realized that it's quite similar to my bronzer. you really have to use very little of it in order to get the peachy look. layer a little more, and you're face is pretty bright. i still rate it a 4 (because it IS a good product and wears well) but it's not exactly what i was looking for.

so when i was out n about today, i bought this:

NARS - luster

this is a color you'd normally think is too light to put on, but it's not. it may look light when you smear it on your finger, but on your face (esp if you're more fair), the color shows up pretty well.

pic to follow.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

better pix of my bunny bling


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Thursday, December 24, 2009

got my Follie Follie bunny ring for Christmas!

Thanx to my honey bunches of oats! He looked for it everywhere when he was in Japan last month. It was discontinued and sold out everywhere. He sez I'm wearing the last one ever! =) LOVE it!

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

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Sunday, December 20, 2009


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Friday, December 18, 2009

Kanebo TIFFA suncreen SPF50 PA+++

i decided to try this product out after reading a couple of reviews comparing it to Shiseido's Ultimate Sun Protection Face & Body Lotion SPF 55 PA+++, which is my HG sunscreen. (I like the face & body version better because it's thinner/more lotiony feeling than creamy, and because you get more product for your money.) but... since i love trying out new products, i decided to give my HG a challenge with the Kanebo TIFFA sunscreen. i bought two kinds -- the TIFFA Silky Look and the Regular. (it comes in Regular, Silky, and Pearl.)

first impressions: omg, the bottle is so small (25 mL)! i knew how many mLs were in the bottle when i was ordering it, but it was when i actually had it in my hand that i realized how small it was. lets just say it's VERY airline friendly. LOL

application was very smooth. i have to agree with other reviewers that it's very similar to the Shiseido Face & Body SPF50 PA+++. TIFFA is actually a little bit more watery in my opinion -- its almost like latering your face with whole milk. but as with almost all sunscreens, there is an intial stage of greasy feeling as you're putting it on. HOWEVER, this disappears in less than a minute, leaving your face ready for primer and makeup!

overall, its a very good sunscreen but i'm not sure if it beats my HG. the performance is equivalent to the Shiseido (which says a lot). the price, however -- not so sure. Kanebo TIFFA costs approx $10 for a 25 mL (0.845 oz) bottle. Shiseido Face & Body costs $37 for a 3.3 oz (97.6 mL) bottle. that makes TIFFA slightly more expensive per oz/mL than Shiseido if you do the math. the only other thing to consider is - since TIFFA isn't readily available in the U.S., you may end up spending more for it w/ shipping costs from overseas companies (e.g.,

the verdict: i like it but i'm not going to go out of my way to buy it if i run out. i'll restock only if i find a uber good deal online.

$9.90 -11.00 (minus shipping)
Where to Buy:, ebay
Overall Rating: 4.5/5 stars
Tip: good for people who normally don't like wearing sunscreen!

NOTE: just to refresh your memory about what SPF, PA, and +++ mean:
all sunscreens in the U.S. indicate a sun protection factor (SPF). SPF is a measurement of how much protection the product offers from UVB rays (the rays that cause sunburn). A few sunscreens (mostly asian brands) also list a "PA" ranking, which refers to the amount of protection you're gettting from UVA rays (the rays that cause aging and long-term skin damage). PA rankings are listed as PA+, PA++ or PA+++. The more +'s, the more protection from the harsh rays.** For my full shpiel on sunscreen and SPF, check out my previous sunscreen post.

(content edited from

Thursday, December 17, 2009

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kao Essential Damage Care Hair Treatment

i bought this conditioning treatment when i was in singapore earlier this year because i didn't want to use the conditioner from my hotel. during the time when i was there, KAO was advertising their new Essential line at almost all of the subway stations in singapore. i guess their marketing efforts worked because i bought it! not only was it well advertised, it was cheap! (approx $7 SG, which is roughly $5 USD.) and guess what ladies (and gents), this thing works!

what i liked about this product was that it completely untangled my hair in the shower (that's what its supposed to do, however) and it made my hair soft and manageable out of the shower. i felt like it infused and coated my damaged hair. it also smelled good; you may think this isn't a selling point, but it is. i've tried KAO's Asience treatment before (recommended by a hairstylists) and it smelled yuck! the Essential treatment works just as well as the Asience, and smells better!

there is a shampoo and conditioner that goes along w/ the treatment, but i think the treatment is more worth it if you're not going to buy the whole set. (read miss eki's review on the shampoo and conditioner -- she likes it!) my hair usually does fine w/ certain drugstore brands for shampoo/conditioner (and in asia, this IS a drugstore brand), but if i want to buy an affordable treatment for my chemically treated hair, this would be towards the top of my list.

let me clarify -- this isn't the best-ever hair treatment (and i haven't yet found one that is), but its just as good as the other good treatments i've tried. if you want to start taking better care of your hair, or if you want to find a cheaper alternative to your current hair treatment, it's definitely worth a try. =)

$5 USD in asia, $11-12 in US
Where to Buy:, japanese markets
Overall Rating: 5/5 stars
Tip: try it if you're overspending on other treatments (like pureology)!

**coming soon - what NOT to get for your hair**

bloomies keeps me coming

ok, this post isn't about makeup but i just want to rant about how much i LOVE bloomingdale's. bloomingdale's is awesome because they have all these great promotions that keep you coming (e.g., $25 off $100 purchase, extra % if you spend $_). i've been going every week, and just last weekend, i went 3 days in a row! (well, that wasn't just to shop but to exchange something they didn't end up having in stock.) i'm not a heavy spender but when it comes to good deals, i'm game.

my friends think i'm crazy (and if you're my friend reading this right now, you're probably shaking your head). but check this:

i've been eyeing this scarf since i spotted a pink one @ the south coast bloomies. charcoal, however, is better -- more versatile. regular price is $40. not bad for bloomingdale's but kind of pricey overall for just an acrylic scarf, considering you can probably find something similar @ forever 21.

BUT... what do i find in my email this morning? FREE money from bloomies! yes, FREE. its their promotion called "Mystery Money" where they're giving various amount of $ out (ranging from $10-$500) to all of their email subscribers. i only got $20 (which i'm reading on several shopping forums is the average), but it's still free money!

so how much did i get the scarf for?

yup, you read correctly! $13.25

it was already 30% off, and with my Mystery Money ($20) and the remainder of a $15 gift card i got from spending $100 in-store earlier this month, this lovely scarf will be around my neck for the price of one shot of patron in hollywood. hehe


Monday, December 14, 2009

foundation, foundation, foundation!

ahhh i did it again! i bought myself another foundation. to my defense, however, i only buy the full-size versions of the ones i really want. so here's the newest baby to my collection:

Make Up For Ever HD in #120.

i've been wanting the MUFE HD foundation for a long time but couldn't get myself to shell out $40 for it. (but thanks to the $15 off $35 sephora coupon, it found itself in my line of goodies.)

MUFE HD is a great foundation for everyday wear. contrary to belief, i don't consider this is a full-coverage foundation. they say you can layer it on to full, but according to my full-coverage standards, it only meets to moderate. MAC Studio Fix Fluid, however, meets the full-coverage cakeface award.

the thing i liked most about this foundation (when i reviewed it back in july) was its staying power and oil control. i have combination skin, but lately, i'm getting more oily in the PM hours than before. this foundation is good for the ppl who have my skin type.

my current lineup of fav foundations include:
* MUFE HD (light-mod coverage)
* MAC Studio Fix Fluid (full coverage)
* DHC Q10 Cream Foundation (full coverage)

any questions? email me @ or msg me. =)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

FOTD: everyday cakeface and my new haircut

ok, this selca pic makes me really korean. lol
(if you're wondering what "selca" is, it means "self" + "camera.")

brows: mac eyebrow liner strut (twist-up crayon), mac boutique brown
eyeshadow: mac boutique brown (upper and lower lids), mac dazzleray pigment (inner corners)
liner: k-palette 1-day tattoo, make up for ever aqua eyes #01
blush: nars orgasm (you can't see it too well in this pic)

Monday, November 30, 2009

only a few hours left!

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Shu Uemura 11/27 to 12/1: 20% off purchases of $50+ plus free shipping w/ code: WISH09


quickie update! cyber monday @ tarte

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Monday, November 23, 2009

new skincare!

for the past couple of months, i've been looking for a new moisturizer/night cream to replace my old one (creme de la mer). don't get me wrong, i really like la mer but it's just so expensive! $230 for a 2oz pot!

when looking for a moisturizer, or any skincare product, you should first ask yourself what your skin needs the most. for me, my problem is hydration. i have combination skin (oily in the T-zone, dry in other areas) so it does have oil, but w/o makeup, my skin looks dull and lackluster -- this is due to dehydration. one of the best things you can do for this is to drink more water, but quite honestly, i don't like drinking loads of water because i hate having to go pee so often. that's why i need to seek help from some good topicals. ^__^

a friend of mine - who is actually younger than i am - recommended that i check out estée lauder. (yes, the brand your mama uses. but know this: they own more than half of the cosmetic companies you see @ the department stores.) from estée lauder's line of moisturizers/creams, i tried Hydra Bright, Daywear Plus, and Time Zone and decided on:

Hydra Bright

i liked Hydra Bright because it really sunk into my skin and made it feel well-hydrated and supple. my skin didn't feel like it had something sitting on top of it. unfortunately, by the time i made my decision to get this moisturizer, it went off the shelves to be "reformulated." grrrrr-eat. i guess i'll wait until it comes out again (in JANUARY!) and test it again.

another line i'm testing (and i did get to purchase!) is derma-e. for now, i'm only testing the moisturizer and the face wash.

why all the fuss w/ DMAE, alpha lipoic acid (ALA) and C-ester? well ladies, we're not getting any younger! and even though we may not look old, we should do our best to preserve what we have now.

dimethylaminoethanol or DMAE has been found in clinical studies to tighten skin and to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, dark under-eye circles, and nasolabial folds (the "smile line" some ppl get). in addition, the results of this anti-aging agent has been noted to last even after you stop using it (so you know it's not just a quick, superficial pick-me-up). don't believe me? read here.

how about alpha lipoic acid? ALA is a powerful natural antioxidant found in plants and animals. when taken orally, it offers many benefits to your body (i.e., regulating cholesterol, blood sugar, liver function). for your skin, it helps to prevent and minimize wrinkles. maybe i'll start taking the oral pills in the future, but for now, i'll use the topical version.

C-ester (ascorbyl palmitate) - everyone knows that vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, but vitamin c-ester is thought to be better by some skincare professionals because it is more soluble. per dr. weil (from the Origin's line), vitamin c -ester helps to "reduce the redness and inflammation of sunburn and thus protect against sun-related skin aging." and we all know (or should know) that sun-related skin aging is the most powerful and damaging kind!
ok, i'll update again when i've tested the goodz.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

mila's minishoot

had a mini shoot w/ mila last month. she did goooood. hehe

mila sez hi

just bought this bow today!

Friday, November 13, 2009

belated visit to hello kitty

FINALLY made my way over to the hello kitty exhibit @ Royal-T in LA. didn't snap any pics because i was lazy (hehe), but i did pick up a couple of goodies:

cute hello kitty tokidoki handbag. matches the wallet that mike got me from japan. =)

hello kitty & the humane society!
i love, love, love long fitted tees. this one was even more special - for every shirt they sell, $5 will be donated to the humane society.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

happy november!

wow, can't believe it's november already!!

i haven't updated in a while but here are a few things i've been up to:
- moved to a new house! goodbye diamond bar, hello brea!
- took a trip to singapore
- got eyelash extensions but hated it!! took it all off AND half my own lashes too. time for more lash serum... =(

i also bought a couple new products to test:

dea bella eyelash conditioner (growth serum)

i haven't opened it yet but i heard it works better than revitalash. i tried calling the dea bella customer service line to find out what the active ingredient was but the lady who i spoke to didn't seem to know. (she just said "peptide" -- uhh, what type of peptide?! she couldn't give me details.) either way, word got around to me that it works well (and it's not as expensive as latisse) so i'm gonna give it a try. =D
**edit added: ok, i just tried it last night and it burned a little! i'm going to tough it out and keep using it as long as i don't experience any other side effects.**

mac dsquared sculpt & shape duo in accentuate & sculpt

i absolutely LOVE this contour compact. the accentuate/sculpt combo is great for medium/light olive skin. the darker color (sculpt) works great to contour the areas you want to shape in a nice natural shade. no reddish undertones! i like to use it on the distal edges of my cheekbones to make them look smaller (i hate my cheekbones!). the highlight color (accentuate) is very soft -- not too light. i like it because it gives you a nice, natural glow. the best part about this duo is that you get two contour colors for $21. can't beat that! the only thing i don't like is that there is no separation between the colors in the compact, so you have to be a little careful when brushing so you don't get both colors on the brush. i give this contour kit a 4/5.

oh, and something for the doggies!
efa hylyt shampoo

this has got to be THE BEST doggie shampoo ever. hypoallergenic and soap-free. mila's doctor recommended it because of her recent issue w/ dry skin, and let me say, her fur got REALLY REALLY silky after we washed her w/ hylyt. less shedding too, but that could also be due to her recent change in diet. (i'm changing her food from eagle pack holistic select to taste of the wild - pacific stream.) $12 from the vet but you can get it for less online. 5/5! (btw- the scent is coconut-y.)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

photo of the day

i have a soft spot for fuzzy nervous-looking animals. this little guy caught my eye today. =)

what a cutie pie!

Monday, October 19, 2009

RIP laptop charger

the power cord to my new macbook. =(


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hello Kitty-themed Maternity Hospital

yes, it's for real. of course it's not in the US. click on one of the photos to get to the article.

Friday, September 4, 2009

follie follie

i want!

i found an insert for follie follie accessories in a j-mag i bought from japan. i absolutely LOVE all of their stuff, esp. this ring! so cute! (i used to have a black bunny.)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

i believe it's cake!

i got in touch w/ an old high school friend of mine (thru fb) and found out that she's now an awesome cakemaster! check out her work!

gucci cake

mmMmmmm red velvet.

oh, yes it is!

meticulous work

for more info and pictures, visit or e-mail laurie at

Saturday, August 22, 2009

meet troublemaker mila

do NOT let this face fool you. lol

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

cutie patootie w/ a voice of gold!

found this girl's link off of one of my friend's posts on FB. check it out:

Monday, August 10, 2009

what not to do...

in the sun!

what have i done?! jk this isn't me. this is my beloved seeestor. she and i are polar opposites but i love her to death. however, i do NOT approve of her "accidentally" forgetting to put sunscreen on and falling asleep on the beach. i don't think she'll ever make that mistake again, because although the areas minus the bow look nicely tanned, her skin is actually recovering in pain/itch due to UV damage. just a few days ago, this brown back of hers was actually red like a sausage. =X

did you know that UV rays can EFFECTIVELY KILL germs, fungus, and various micro-organisms? UV rays can kill things that alcohol cannot (e.g., Parvovirus, Strep, etc.) - that's how strong it is - and it does so by messing up the organism's DNA. now doesn't that sound scary? this is also what it's doing to YOUR SKIN when you lay out for so long w/o protection! you have to remember that you can still get tanned wearing sunscreen.

alrighty, just my 2 cents. the only remedies i can suggest for sun damage like this would be pure aloe and/or Creme de La Mer, although the latter is VERY expensive if you're going to lather (or "warm and pat") it onto your whole back. (believe it or not, this creme was made by a burn victim.)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

back from the dead and dying my roots!

took my final pill of antibiotics and feeling 100x better, so~ decided to do my roots.

i'm silly i know. no, i'm not naked. ^__^

Monday, August 3, 2009

uggh... stupid sick.

quick summary (since i'm lazy):

acute onset of sore throat >> antibiotics for 4 days w/o seeing doc >> got off antibiotics thinking it wasn't working (when it was).

on the day OFF antibiotics >> dysphonia and more pain.

NOW >> no voice and pain x5 ( i can't even turn my head w/o my throat, ears, tongue, and jaw hurting.) >> back ON antibiotics (but a much stronger type); doc can't get an accurate dx from a culture swipe b/c of the meds i took beforehand. suspected dx (my own thinking): strep. >=[

now on my lovely week off (no studying... boards and midterm are over!), i have to be home ALL DAY. (good thing i have my reliable puter!) will NOT be playing w/ makeup b/c of possible contamination. can't have that!

i'll be reading blogs, fb'ing, and looking @ puppies ALL DAY. call me if you wanna hear my effortful whisper. lol

Sunday, August 2, 2009

caking up w/o looking like it

the key to wearing a lot of makeup w/o looking like a cakeface (no pun intended) is to wear colors that mix well together, and colors that work well w/ your face. this is critical for headshots, bridal makeup, and other occasions where looking natural is "better."

here's a natural look i did last week:

i don't remember exactly what i used (bad julie!), but this is what i wore to the best of my knowledge (next time, i'll post closer to the actual cakeup date!):

face: Make Up For Ever HD foundation (#120), Make Up For Ever camouflage cream palette #1, Temptation sel coenzyme Q10 twincake, baby powder
brows: MAC brow pencil (stud), MAC eyeshow (boutique brown)
eyeshadow: MAC eyeshadow (boutique brown), MAC pigment (dazzleray), i think i'm wearing one other shadow that i don't remember!
eyeliner: K-Palette 1-day tattoo waterproof, Make Up For Ever aqua eyes (#0L)
lashes: Darkness (X-series), Darkness lash glue, DiorShow blackout
cheeks: MAC bronzer (refined golden)
lips: MAC pro longwear lipcolour (unchanging + clear), NYX lipliner (#831 mauve)

occasionally, people compliment me on my skin; but to be honest, i do get quite a bit of help from my makeup box. without my good ol powder foundation, BB cream and concealers (w/ vitamin C, sunscreen, MU base underneath), my face looks pretty beat up - blotchy w/ lots of freckles and a yucky depressed scar. *see below* like how i posted a smaller pic to show my flaws? lol

this is me w/o my normal cake mix. my scar is right on my smile line so you might not be able to see it. (i guess this is a good thing.) i also recently got a cystic zit (wtf?!) and i blame it on my foundation quest. i haven't had a zit like this in a LONG time, and why is it right smack on my cheek? the webcam really hides how bright and big it really is. it's REALLY bright in person. lol

by the way, i also lightened my brows (last pic)! you can't tell in the webcam photo but you can really tell in person -- it really softens up your look. i was getting annoyed @ the brown-on-black-hair look. (some ppl can pull this off because the hairs on their brows are so fine, but mine are pretty thick.)

Friday, July 24, 2009

the BEST wedding entrance ever

ok, this is kind of random but this has got to be THE BEST wedding entrance ever.

thanx to my sis for fwd'ing me this cool vid. i didn't know Minnesoooota ppl could be so cool. (sorry, future mrs. tyree!) jk

Thursday, July 23, 2009

30% off tarte cosmetics

get 30% off at just for signing up for their newsletter!

tarte has been one of the brands that's grabbed my attention lately. why? because i love their eyeshadows (they have wonderful palettes), and because many of their products are:

  • fragrance free
  • petro chemical free
  • paraben free
  • phthalate free
  • GMO free
  • sulfate free
  • dye free

  • enjoy!

    Wednesday, July 22, 2009


    my board exam is this weekend!!!

    will have MUCH more time and sanity afterwards. =)

    Friday, July 17, 2009

    foundation update

    it's been about a couple of weeks since i started this mission to find the BEST.EVER. foundation, but unfortunately, i haven't found it yet. there are a few that i'd like to keep testing but none that screams out HG.

    here are my first impressions of the ones i've tried so far:
    (btw- i have combination skin, which is oily t-zone after a while + somewhat normal-to-dry everywhere else.)

    MAC face & body: the MUA @ the MAC Pro store in Costa Mesa was so~ for this foundation but i found it a bit too sheer for me. he said he uses it on a lot of brides, and that it's "buildable" to full-coverage but i beg to differ. i'm think you can build to medium but i don't know about building to full. building to medium would take a while too. what i did like about this foundation was that it is water-based (meaning less pore-clogging); but overall, i thought it was too watery and sheer. i don't have the patience to wait a while after each application in order to build more coverage either. also, at the end of the day, i think my face just ate up the foundation.. or at least it looked like it. (yes, i was wearing makeup base.)

    MAC studio sculpt & MAC studio tech (creme): i found these two foundations to be pretty decent and somewhat similar in coverage. the studio sculpt is a mix of a gel/cream/liquid. it's not as liquidy as pure liquid foundation yet it's definitely not a creme either. this is MAC's newest foundation. it offers medium coverage (and i'm sure you can keep "building" as well). MAC studio tech is a creme and it comes in a compact-like package. what i liked about both of these is the coverage that doesn't look too cakey. from my experience, studio tech (creme) looked better on me. it gave me good coverage (with one coat) and a nice powdery finish. studio sculpt (gel/cream/liquid) offered more of a dewy finish; but for some reason, it didn't look as good on me than the studio tech. both foundations oxidized a little after several hours but i think i could fix this by either buying a shade lighter OR by setting the foundation with a sheer blot powder or baby powder. (yes! i've been setting my foundation w/ a light coat of baby powder after a light coat of mineral powder - seems to work well but will continue testing.)

    MAC full coverage: coverage is awesome; however, after hours of wear, it tends to look cakey and a bit dry (e.g., if you smile, the area around your nose that stretches looks dry). you can thin out the cakey look by adding MAC fix+, but that kind of defeats the purpose of using this full coverage foundation. either way, i think w/ more practice, this can be a good full coverage foundation for special events (definitely not for every day). one downside is that the colors are quite limited for asian skin. colors jump from NC20 to NC30. i am more like an NC25/27. btw- this is only available @ the MAC Pro stores but it's the same thing as the studio finish concealer that comes in the tiny pot.

    Clinique repairwear: this foundation has pretty good coverage for a liquid. when i put it on, i feel like i'm painting my face, which is good if you want fuller coverage. it also has anti-aging properties (of which i can't comment on right now because i don't have the bottle in front of me). immediately following application, your face looks flawless (like almost all medium-to-full coverage foundations);however, after a few hours, you can start to 'see' the foundation on your face. overall, not bad. Clinique actually exceeded my expectations.

    La Mer the fluid: this foundation was very sheer. some people like it (i.e., makeupalley people) but i can do without. i feel like i get more coverage with my Perriocone tinted moisturizer.

    Chanel mat lumiere long lasting luminous matte fluid: i had high expectations for Chanel because it was recommended by a friend of mine, but the mat lumiere was just OK. i didn't think it was any different than the other liquid foundations i've tried (e.g., MAC face & body, La Mer the fluid). when the MUA applied the initial coat on me, my first reaction was, "did you put any on?" it was totally not enough coverage. another "buildable" foundation that didn't meet up.

    Make Up For Ever HD foundation: i am still testing this product and i really WANT to like it. at first application, it was very liquidy. i thought it was going to be like the rest of the liquid foundations i've tried... BUT it actually covered decently well after a few coats (yes, "building"). it's definitely not a full-coverage foundation but it can build to medium. after the 2nd coat, it didn't feel as sheer. (i don't like having to build more than 3 coats - that's too much product, work, and time). what i liked about this foundation was that it didn't look cakey after several hours and oil control was pretty good. i didn't have to blot oil for the whole day!

    Illuminairé extra coverage: i really wanted to like this foundation too because it had great reviews on makeupalley (4.6/5!). i am currently wearing it right now. what i like about this product is that it is a liquid mineral foundation that doesn't have any harsh chemicals (and isn't supposed to clog pores). the company also doesn't test on animals (woohoo!). my first impression of this foundation (day #1 of wear) is that it has good coverage, doesn't look too cakey after a few hours BUT it does make me a little oily. also, i noticed some of the foundation break apart after a long day. with this foundation, you definitely need to blot if you have oily or combination skin. i'll continue to test this foundation while changing other variables (e.g., modifying setting techniques).

    maybe i'm too picky in what i want in a foundation. i think i need to give all of the foundations (above) another test with different application combos (well, except for the ones that really didn't perform). so far, i am liking the powdery finish of MAC studio tech creme (applied w/ MAC fix+) and the dewy look of Make Up For Ever HD (liquid) foundation. both have pretty decent coverage and provide a 'flawless' look. i am a little worried about the MAC one though - a lot of people have reported breakouts of cystic acne after continued use of the MAC foundations (thus, the lower lippies on makeupalley); and if i plan to use it on my friends, clients, etc., i'll need to be extra careful. i will continue to test, however.

    recommended extras:

    MAC fix+ - helps moisturize your face if used before foundation, and helps set your powder/foundation if used after. also used to make your finished look more "dewy." LOVE this stuff!

    MAC 191 square foundation brush ("paintbrush") and 187 dual fibre brush

    i LOVE these two brushes. the bristles of the 191 are quite big so it allows you to cover a lot of your face with one stroke, and it is relatively thin compared to other foundation brushes i've tried; this is good because less material gets stuck in between the bristles, meaning less product wasted and less product to remove when cleaning. i prefer this brush over the 190 brush, which has a rounded end.

    the 187 dual fibre brush is awesome as well but you have to know how to use it in order to appreciate it. i used to use it after powder only (it was OK) but i just found out that it works wonders with foundation! after applying your final coat of foundation with your primary foundation brush (e.g., the 191), use the dual fibre brush in a quick circular motion (without adding additional foundation to it) and work your face into a feathery finish. if done well, you end up with a nice, airbrushed look w/ no evidence of "painting" (foundation streaks). i like to use this brush to blend in fix+, and with my setting powder.

    by the way, my current korean powder foundation (Temptation sel coenzyme Q10 twincake SPF28 PA++) outperformed about half of the liquid foundations listed above! it also smells like baby powder. =)