Tuesday, December 15, 2009

bloomies keeps me coming

ok, this post isn't about makeup but i just want to rant about how much i LOVE bloomingdale's. bloomingdale's is awesome because they have all these great promotions that keep you coming (e.g., $25 off $100 purchase, extra % if you spend $_). i've been going every week, and just last weekend, i went 3 days in a row! (well, that wasn't just to shop but to exchange something they didn't end up having in stock.) i'm not a heavy spender but when it comes to good deals, i'm game.

my friends think i'm crazy (and if you're my friend reading this right now, you're probably shaking your head). but check this:

i've been eyeing this scarf since i spotted a pink one @ the south coast bloomies. charcoal, however, is better -- more versatile. regular price is $40. not bad for bloomingdale's but kind of pricey overall for just an acrylic scarf, considering you can probably find something similar @ forever 21.

BUT... what do i find in my email this morning? FREE money from bloomies! yes, FREE. its their promotion called "Mystery Money" where they're giving various amount of $ out (ranging from $10-$500) to all of their email subscribers. i only got $20 (which i'm reading on several shopping forums is the average), but it's still free money!

so how much did i get the scarf for?

yup, you read correctly! $13.25

it was already 30% off, and with my Mystery Money ($20) and the remainder of a $15 gift card i got from spending $100 in-store earlier this month, this lovely scarf will be around my neck for the price of one shot of patron in hollywood. hehe


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Christy said...

cute scarf with an awesome deal!