Monday, December 28, 2009

MAC mineralize blush: cheek & cheerful *updated!*

this isn't a full review but i just wanted to post about my new purchase! i've been looking for a peachy blush so i can wear on my natural days, but i wanted one w/ some shimmer. (my everyday blush is the typical NARS - orgasm but i wanted something with less pink and more peach.) here's what i ended up buying:

MAC Mineralize - cheek & cheerful (cute name!) out of the package, it looks like a light bronzer. depending on your skin type/color, you might be able to use it as a bronzer.

here's what it looks like using a very light hand:

if you wanted to make it more dramatic, you can. sorry, i don't have one of those crazy cameras that show great detail. it looks great in person!

Where to Buy: you already know!
Overall Rating: TBD but so far, it's @ least 4 stars
Tip: coming soon!

well, so i wore cheek & cheerful today. i still like it but i realized that it's quite similar to my bronzer. you really have to use very little of it in order to get the peachy look. layer a little more, and you're face is pretty bright. i still rate it a 4 (because it IS a good product and wears well) but it's not exactly what i was looking for.

so when i was out n about today, i bought this:

NARS - luster

this is a color you'd normally think is too light to put on, but it's not. it may look light when you smear it on your finger, but on your face (esp if you're more fair), the color shows up pretty well.

pic to follow.


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Mary in Wonder said...

Oh that's a pretty color! very natural and fresh! ^.^

Catanya said...

It really looks beautiful on you!

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