Sunday, November 1, 2009

happy november!

wow, can't believe it's november already!!

i haven't updated in a while but here are a few things i've been up to:
- moved to a new house! goodbye diamond bar, hello brea!
- took a trip to singapore
- got eyelash extensions but hated it!! took it all off AND half my own lashes too. time for more lash serum... =(

i also bought a couple new products to test:

dea bella eyelash conditioner (growth serum)

i haven't opened it yet but i heard it works better than revitalash. i tried calling the dea bella customer service line to find out what the active ingredient was but the lady who i spoke to didn't seem to know. (she just said "peptide" -- uhh, what type of peptide?! she couldn't give me details.) either way, word got around to me that it works well (and it's not as expensive as latisse) so i'm gonna give it a try. =D
**edit added: ok, i just tried it last night and it burned a little! i'm going to tough it out and keep using it as long as i don't experience any other side effects.**

mac dsquared sculpt & shape duo in accentuate & sculpt

i absolutely LOVE this contour compact. the accentuate/sculpt combo is great for medium/light olive skin. the darker color (sculpt) works great to contour the areas you want to shape in a nice natural shade. no reddish undertones! i like to use it on the distal edges of my cheekbones to make them look smaller (i hate my cheekbones!). the highlight color (accentuate) is very soft -- not too light. i like it because it gives you a nice, natural glow. the best part about this duo is that you get two contour colors for $21. can't beat that! the only thing i don't like is that there is no separation between the colors in the compact, so you have to be a little careful when brushing so you don't get both colors on the brush. i give this contour kit a 4/5.

oh, and something for the doggies!
efa hylyt shampoo

this has got to be THE BEST doggie shampoo ever. hypoallergenic and soap-free. mila's doctor recommended it because of her recent issue w/ dry skin, and let me say, her fur got REALLY REALLY silky after we washed her w/ hylyt. less shedding too, but that could also be due to her recent change in diet. (i'm changing her food from eagle pack holistic select to taste of the wild - pacific stream.) $12 from the vet but you can get it for less online. 5/5! (btw- the scent is coconut-y.)

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