Friday, November 13, 2009

belated visit to hello kitty

FINALLY made my way over to the hello kitty exhibit @ Royal-T in LA. didn't snap any pics because i was lazy (hehe), but i did pick up a couple of goodies:

cute hello kitty tokidoki handbag. matches the wallet that mike got me from japan. =)

hello kitty & the humane society!
i love, love, love long fitted tees. this one was even more special - for every shirt they sell, $5 will be donated to the humane society.


Mary in Wonder said...

oooooh a HK and Tokidoki bag! Lovelyyyy! *_*
and the T-shirt is cute! ^.^ That store must be like HK Heaven!~

Kimberly said...

awww cute jules!

i was just there recently too!!!
it was so overwhelming but SUPER KAWAII!