Friday, July 17, 2009

foundation update

it's been about a couple of weeks since i started this mission to find the BEST.EVER. foundation, but unfortunately, i haven't found it yet. there are a few that i'd like to keep testing but none that screams out HG.

here are my first impressions of the ones i've tried so far:
(btw- i have combination skin, which is oily t-zone after a while + somewhat normal-to-dry everywhere else.)

MAC face & body: the MUA @ the MAC Pro store in Costa Mesa was so~ for this foundation but i found it a bit too sheer for me. he said he uses it on a lot of brides, and that it's "buildable" to full-coverage but i beg to differ. i'm think you can build to medium but i don't know about building to full. building to medium would take a while too. what i did like about this foundation was that it is water-based (meaning less pore-clogging); but overall, i thought it was too watery and sheer. i don't have the patience to wait a while after each application in order to build more coverage either. also, at the end of the day, i think my face just ate up the foundation.. or at least it looked like it. (yes, i was wearing makeup base.)

MAC studio sculpt & MAC studio tech (creme): i found these two foundations to be pretty decent and somewhat similar in coverage. the studio sculpt is a mix of a gel/cream/liquid. it's not as liquidy as pure liquid foundation yet it's definitely not a creme either. this is MAC's newest foundation. it offers medium coverage (and i'm sure you can keep "building" as well). MAC studio tech is a creme and it comes in a compact-like package. what i liked about both of these is the coverage that doesn't look too cakey. from my experience, studio tech (creme) looked better on me. it gave me good coverage (with one coat) and a nice powdery finish. studio sculpt (gel/cream/liquid) offered more of a dewy finish; but for some reason, it didn't look as good on me than the studio tech. both foundations oxidized a little after several hours but i think i could fix this by either buying a shade lighter OR by setting the foundation with a sheer blot powder or baby powder. (yes! i've been setting my foundation w/ a light coat of baby powder after a light coat of mineral powder - seems to work well but will continue testing.)

MAC full coverage: coverage is awesome; however, after hours of wear, it tends to look cakey and a bit dry (e.g., if you smile, the area around your nose that stretches looks dry). you can thin out the cakey look by adding MAC fix+, but that kind of defeats the purpose of using this full coverage foundation. either way, i think w/ more practice, this can be a good full coverage foundation for special events (definitely not for every day). one downside is that the colors are quite limited for asian skin. colors jump from NC20 to NC30. i am more like an NC25/27. btw- this is only available @ the MAC Pro stores but it's the same thing as the studio finish concealer that comes in the tiny pot.

Clinique repairwear: this foundation has pretty good coverage for a liquid. when i put it on, i feel like i'm painting my face, which is good if you want fuller coverage. it also has anti-aging properties (of which i can't comment on right now because i don't have the bottle in front of me). immediately following application, your face looks flawless (like almost all medium-to-full coverage foundations);however, after a few hours, you can start to 'see' the foundation on your face. overall, not bad. Clinique actually exceeded my expectations.

La Mer the fluid: this foundation was very sheer. some people like it (i.e., makeupalley people) but i can do without. i feel like i get more coverage with my Perriocone tinted moisturizer.

Chanel mat lumiere long lasting luminous matte fluid: i had high expectations for Chanel because it was recommended by a friend of mine, but the mat lumiere was just OK. i didn't think it was any different than the other liquid foundations i've tried (e.g., MAC face & body, La Mer the fluid). when the MUA applied the initial coat on me, my first reaction was, "did you put any on?" it was totally not enough coverage. another "buildable" foundation that didn't meet up.

Make Up For Ever HD foundation: i am still testing this product and i really WANT to like it. at first application, it was very liquidy. i thought it was going to be like the rest of the liquid foundations i've tried... BUT it actually covered decently well after a few coats (yes, "building"). it's definitely not a full-coverage foundation but it can build to medium. after the 2nd coat, it didn't feel as sheer. (i don't like having to build more than 3 coats - that's too much product, work, and time). what i liked about this foundation was that it didn't look cakey after several hours and oil control was pretty good. i didn't have to blot oil for the whole day!

Illuminairé extra coverage: i really wanted to like this foundation too because it had great reviews on makeupalley (4.6/5!). i am currently wearing it right now. what i like about this product is that it is a liquid mineral foundation that doesn't have any harsh chemicals (and isn't supposed to clog pores). the company also doesn't test on animals (woohoo!). my first impression of this foundation (day #1 of wear) is that it has good coverage, doesn't look too cakey after a few hours BUT it does make me a little oily. also, i noticed some of the foundation break apart after a long day. with this foundation, you definitely need to blot if you have oily or combination skin. i'll continue to test this foundation while changing other variables (e.g., modifying setting techniques).

maybe i'm too picky in what i want in a foundation. i think i need to give all of the foundations (above) another test with different application combos (well, except for the ones that really didn't perform). so far, i am liking the powdery finish of MAC studio tech creme (applied w/ MAC fix+) and the dewy look of Make Up For Ever HD (liquid) foundation. both have pretty decent coverage and provide a 'flawless' look. i am a little worried about the MAC one though - a lot of people have reported breakouts of cystic acne after continued use of the MAC foundations (thus, the lower lippies on makeupalley); and if i plan to use it on my friends, clients, etc., i'll need to be extra careful. i will continue to test, however.

recommended extras:

MAC fix+ - helps moisturize your face if used before foundation, and helps set your powder/foundation if used after. also used to make your finished look more "dewy." LOVE this stuff!

MAC 191 square foundation brush ("paintbrush") and 187 dual fibre brush

i LOVE these two brushes. the bristles of the 191 are quite big so it allows you to cover a lot of your face with one stroke, and it is relatively thin compared to other foundation brushes i've tried; this is good because less material gets stuck in between the bristles, meaning less product wasted and less product to remove when cleaning. i prefer this brush over the 190 brush, which has a rounded end.

the 187 dual fibre brush is awesome as well but you have to know how to use it in order to appreciate it. i used to use it after powder only (it was OK) but i just found out that it works wonders with foundation! after applying your final coat of foundation with your primary foundation brush (e.g., the 191), use the dual fibre brush in a quick circular motion (without adding additional foundation to it) and work your face into a feathery finish. if done well, you end up with a nice, airbrushed look w/ no evidence of "painting" (foundation streaks). i like to use this brush to blend in fix+, and with my setting powder.

by the way, my current korean powder foundation (Temptation sel coenzyme Q10 twincake SPF28 PA++) outperformed about half of the liquid foundations listed above! it also smells like baby powder. =)


paperdollrevenge said...

Ohhh awesome reviews! Aw I think foundation is important in either looking naturally flawless or looking like cakeup, so I'm sure we all want to find the perfect one! I got some samples of the MUFE to try out and I might try out the MAC ones to see which I like best too.

Thanks for posting these helpful reviews!!

miss cakeface said...

you're welcome! yea, w/ the MUFE, coverage looks natural but it appears to thin out a little by the end of the day. i need to test out the MAC ones more -- will keep you posted! btw- i heard MAC studio tech creme looks better in photos than studio sculpt.

funkiimonkee said...

Hi there:) Have you tried Missha Perfect Cover BB cream? Its my own fave. I don't really like MAC foundation but I think studio fix fluid is alright. I heard Laura Mercier foundations are great. I got the silk creme one and its great for dry skins. But I heard the water based liquid one is good too! Thanks for your review! said...

if u prefer more coverage, kevyn aucoin sensual skin enhancer is a definite must.

misscakeface said...

cool thanks! will look into it! =D

Anonymous said...

Hiiii! I have combination skin and the best one I've used so far is Stila Illuminating Foundation. I know other forums mentioned it being too light and not enough heavy coverage. Well, I think if someone doesn't have good skin, nothing you put on top is going to make it, smooth.

Personally, I like to focus more on skincare first, since there is less to have to worry about finding a miracle foundation that will hide all the blemishes/texture. If you want glow and to look flawless in photos, the Stila Illuminating Foundation is the one. I've already introduced many of my girlfriends to this product, and they are all hooked! Try it out and let me know how it works for you. You have beautiful skin already, so it should leave a nice finish.

stella said...

does everyone need to wear foundation? i never wear it but sometimes i feel like it'll help keep my makeup on and give me an even skintone. I do use bb cream though. I tested some of the makeup forever HD foundation and it was really nice, but i'm not sure if i really need it.

miss cakeface said...

no, if you already have good skin (which you do!), you don't need to wear foundation. BB cream is good, or you can even wear a nice tinted moisturizer w/ SPF. =)

tiger said...