Thursday, July 9, 2009

Illuminare Cosmetics: FREE SHIPPING 24 HRS ONLY!

for the next 24 hours - beginning tonight (July 9th) at 6pm PST and ending tomorrow night (July 10th) at 6pm - Illuminare Cosmetics is offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders (within US). FYI - this is the brand that i am about to test; i received the trial pack yesterday but haven't tried yet. it has pretty good reviews on what's good about this coupon deal is that Illuminare will pay for you to ship it back if you don't like the product. check out the site for more info. =)


Anonymous said...

Hey misscakeface!

this looks like a good offer, but i just spent all my pennies on some make up :(

Just letting you know that I've just placed an order on coastalscents and i should be recieving my package in 2-3 days!! I'm so excited :)

I will be posting a blog on when I get it, so for my opinions and pictures I'll post them there :D


Anonymous said...

wales? nope? Ima google that now :D