Wednesday, July 8, 2009

mascara primer

i never really considered buying mascara primer because (1) didn't think i needed it (therefore, considered it a waste of money), and (2) didn't think it did much other than weigh your lashes down while "protecting" them.

boy was i wrong. well, kinda sorta. one of the very few mascara primers i've used in the past was the one by Clinique, which i tried because it was part of a free gift. it did exactly what i thought it would do -- coat my lashes a little and weigh them down. ehh. BUT from time to time, i'd come across a good review on the mascara primer/base by Shiseido which got me interested in giving mascara primers another try.. so i did.

Shiseido: The Makeup - Mascara Base

first of all, the color of the base is an opaque white and you don't see an even coat around the brush, so it LOOKS like it isn't going on to go on well. because of that, you don't even feel like enough is getting on your lashes during application... OH, but it is!

what i found most interesting about this mascara primer is that you DON'T HAVE TO OVERCURL!! this product keeps your mascara from weighing your lashes down even if they normally do. this is an OMFG moment for me because i discarded many mascaras because they couldn't hold a curl (e.g., MAC Zoom Lash, L'oreal Voluminous), and now, i can probably USE them! however, i noticed that my mascaras go on better/smoother without it. maybe i just need more practice..?

here are a few pix from today. i'm wearing the Shiseido mascara base under L'oreal Voluminous on the left and Dior Blackout on the right (click for closeup):

btw- i know my lashes are outta control esp. on the right outer end.

oh, and did i forget to mention...I DID NOT CURL MY LASHES!!

why does L'oreal look better than Dior now?! whoa... (well, Voluminous is the most raved-about drugstore mascaras, but still). i may give Voluminous another try, but ONLY w/ the mascara base and more practice to reduce clumpiness. it doesn't look that clumpy here, but i usually have that problem when using Voluminous. for some reason, Blackout looks just as clumpy in these pics but it's actually less spidery in person.

ok, to wrap it up:
PROS: keeps lashes UP and protects your lashes from getting over-dried (although i didn't really have that problem in the first place -- maybe more noticeable when using waterproof mascara?); provides the extra layer of thickness that allows you to use less of your actual mascara.
CONS: didn't notice a difference in lengthening; creates a slightly rougher surface area for your mascara to go over (because there's another coat of something dried on your lashes); EXPENSIVE!! $25 (i was thinking a mascara base would help me use less mascara, but it's the same price as Dior Blackout!!)

Where to Buy: any department store
Overall Rating: 4/5 stars
Tip: don't overcurl!

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