Sunday, August 2, 2009

caking up w/o looking like it

the key to wearing a lot of makeup w/o looking like a cakeface (no pun intended) is to wear colors that mix well together, and colors that work well w/ your face. this is critical for headshots, bridal makeup, and other occasions where looking natural is "better."

here's a natural look i did last week:

i don't remember exactly what i used (bad julie!), but this is what i wore to the best of my knowledge (next time, i'll post closer to the actual cakeup date!):

face: Make Up For Ever HD foundation (#120), Make Up For Ever camouflage cream palette #1, Temptation sel coenzyme Q10 twincake, baby powder
brows: MAC brow pencil (stud), MAC eyeshow (boutique brown)
eyeshadow: MAC eyeshadow (boutique brown), MAC pigment (dazzleray), i think i'm wearing one other shadow that i don't remember!
eyeliner: K-Palette 1-day tattoo waterproof, Make Up For Ever aqua eyes (#0L)
lashes: Darkness (X-series), Darkness lash glue, DiorShow blackout
cheeks: MAC bronzer (refined golden)
lips: MAC pro longwear lipcolour (unchanging + clear), NYX lipliner (#831 mauve)

occasionally, people compliment me on my skin; but to be honest, i do get quite a bit of help from my makeup box. without my good ol powder foundation, BB cream and concealers (w/ vitamin C, sunscreen, MU base underneath), my face looks pretty beat up - blotchy w/ lots of freckles and a yucky depressed scar. *see below* like how i posted a smaller pic to show my flaws? lol

this is me w/o my normal cake mix. my scar is right on my smile line so you might not be able to see it. (i guess this is a good thing.) i also recently got a cystic zit (wtf?!) and i blame it on my foundation quest. i haven't had a zit like this in a LONG time, and why is it right smack on my cheek? the webcam really hides how bright and big it really is. it's REALLY bright in person. lol

by the way, i also lightened my brows (last pic)! you can't tell in the webcam photo but you can really tell in person -- it really softens up your look. i was getting annoyed @ the brown-on-black-hair look. (some ppl can pull this off because the hairs on their brows are so fine, but mine are pretty thick.)


k_an said...

you look great with and without makeup! I look like a tired old man without make up lol...

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

thats a great neutral look, love how you enhanced your features naturally. Love the brows!

miss cakeface said...

thanks guys! k_an, i'm sure you don't look bad w/o makeup! your skin is still young n fresh! that's a great analogy though - i may use it sometime ("tired old man"). i used to say that i look like a lab rat. hahahaa

paperdollrevenge said...

Pretty girl! With and without makeup! Love the eye makeup and eye brows...and yes, your skin too!