Monday, August 10, 2009

what not to do...

in the sun!

what have i done?! jk this isn't me. this is my beloved seeestor. she and i are polar opposites but i love her to death. however, i do NOT approve of her "accidentally" forgetting to put sunscreen on and falling asleep on the beach. i don't think she'll ever make that mistake again, because although the areas minus the bow look nicely tanned, her skin is actually recovering in pain/itch due to UV damage. just a few days ago, this brown back of hers was actually red like a sausage. =X

did you know that UV rays can EFFECTIVELY KILL germs, fungus, and various micro-organisms? UV rays can kill things that alcohol cannot (e.g., Parvovirus, Strep, etc.) - that's how strong it is - and it does so by messing up the organism's DNA. now doesn't that sound scary? this is also what it's doing to YOUR SKIN when you lay out for so long w/o protection! you have to remember that you can still get tanned wearing sunscreen.

alrighty, just my 2 cents. the only remedies i can suggest for sun damage like this would be pure aloe and/or Creme de La Mer, although the latter is VERY expensive if you're going to lather (or "warm and pat") it onto your whole back. (believe it or not, this creme was made by a burn victim.)


Anonymous said...

thanks...haha... my back is peeling now... im a snake

*~kAy~* said...

oh gawsh :(
hope your sis's back heals very soon!!!