Monday, August 3, 2009

uggh... stupid sick.

quick summary (since i'm lazy):

acute onset of sore throat >> antibiotics for 4 days w/o seeing doc >> got off antibiotics thinking it wasn't working (when it was).

on the day OFF antibiotics >> dysphonia and more pain.

NOW >> no voice and pain x5 ( i can't even turn my head w/o my throat, ears, tongue, and jaw hurting.) >> back ON antibiotics (but a much stronger type); doc can't get an accurate dx from a culture swipe b/c of the meds i took beforehand. suspected dx (my own thinking): strep. >=[

now on my lovely week off (no studying... boards and midterm are over!), i have to be home ALL DAY. (good thing i have my reliable puter!) will NOT be playing w/ makeup b/c of possible contamination. can't have that!

i'll be reading blogs, fb'ing, and looking @ puppies ALL DAY. call me if you wanna hear my effortful whisper. lol