Monday, December 29, 2008

currently testing: la mer - the eye concentrate

i love la mer (the moisturizing creme) so i've decided to try out the eye concentrate.

first impressions:
- expensive! $165 (but i shouldn't complain because the creme is $230 for the mid-size)
- burns my eyes a lil when i put it on (and no, i'm not putting it IN my eyes). i think i should put it even further from my eyes. if it continues to burn, i'll discontinue and return.

i really want to like this product... but we'll see.


beeyoutiful7 said...

hi =)
Just found you randomly but i enjoyed reading ur blog !

I JUST bought the eye cream as well and YES it also burns my eyes..

i've been putting it a little further from my eyes and it seems going better.

How do you like the Cream tho? Some people recommend me not to get it but some people did.

Let me know when u get a chance =)

Looking forward to read more!

Anonymous said...

hmm..the eye cream should't burn your eyes. maybe you're allergic to something in the ingredients. i've used the eye conc. for a super long time and it works really well.

you should only tap a small amount underneath your eyes and on the outer corners. make sure not to slather it all over.