Friday, March 7, 2008

wash, wash, pat, pat

so fresh n so clean!
i haven't been able to post in a while because i've been kidnapped by this thing called grad school. my bedtime is so late that it's early -- this is definitely NOT good for my skin, might i add. i am such a hypocrite... but what can i do? grad school is no joke. i don't even want to imagine how getting through a phD program would feel. anyway, back to my topic...

a couple of tips on washing your face! yes, it's such a simple process that we've been doing since childhood, but here are a few useful tips that will help keep your face nice and fresh:

tip #1: do a double wash with a gentle/mild cleanser before bed (mild means something that doesn't leave your face so tight afterwards), then do a single wash in the morning.
why? a double wash before bed allows you to remove as much dirt and excess oil before your skin goes into its "regenerating" mode when you're sleeping. in the morning, you only need a single wash (unless you have an oil problem) - there's not much to clean in the morning since you've cleaned it all off the night before!

tip #2: be nice to your face and gently pat your face dry instead of wiping it dry.
why? think about it. what's going on when you're smearing that towel across your face? you're no longer 10 years old with young, plump skin. your skin now can actually stretch a lil from frequent pulling. your face is not a dirty window. don't treat it like one.

tip #3: don't forget the toner! believe it or not, even after my double washes, i am often able to get more dirt/makeup off my face after i use toner (well, more so on days when i cake on the makeup) - this is also because i use an exfoliating toner. (i also have a moisturizing toner, which i've been using more these days. this one doesn't "remove" more dirt because i just splash it on my face vs. wiping it on w/ a cotton ball.) the main purpose of toner, however, is to restore the natural pH level in your skin.
what is pH and why is it important? "pH" stands for potential hydrogen. pH levels range from 0-14, from 0 being acidic, and 14 being alkaline. when the pH level of your skin is too high, your skin will lack power in fighting off infections (including acne). when the pH in your skin is too low, your skin will look dull, less elastic and older. the optimal pH level for your skin is 5.5 (slightly to the acidic side). when you wash your face, you strip the natural pH level off your skin (causing the pH in your skin to spike up). so you're doing yourself good by cleaning your face, but if you don't restore pH, you might be leaving your skin more vulnerable to damage.

tip #4: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! after all that washing, your skin is practically oil free. if you don't put any moisture back into your skin, it will work harder to compensate for the loss of moisture by producing more oil.
this will be worse if you use a stronger cleanser that dries out your skin. so try to find a cleanser that is effective yet gentle enough to let you smile w/o feeling like you're gonna rip your skin.

tip #5: this is a no-brainer. even if you're tired from a night of partying (or from a long day @ the dirty racetrack), MAKE YOURSELF WASH YOUR FACE BEFORE BED (even if it means forgoing some of the steps mentioned above). you'll thank yourself in the morning.
dirty skin = acne, expedited aging, larger pores, mid/quarter-life crisis, etc.

la. di. dah! =)


Q-Ball said...

man. those were some good tips. i've done all the steps in the past except moisturize in the end. no wonder my skin is all f-ed up, dry, then oily. thanks for tips. you rock!

The Korean Kracker said...

Hm..So after I double wash, apply the regenerative wrinkle age defying-defying creme, wipe down with super absorbent organic cotton balls, pat dry, I'm good? lol..fuck it, ill just get botox...j/k. Your studying dermatology?

Anonymous said...

oh. me likey this one. wash wash pat pat. I need to stop wiping my face like it's my ass.

Anonymous said...

btw, I'm really going to try to buy some good toner. Thanks for the advice. You're a genius. You should be a skin-beauty advice writer in a magazine.