Friday, April 18, 2008

eyelash shedding?

(request per Stella -- hope this helps!)

my eyelashes shed quite a bit but i don't mind (that much) since i love wearing fakies. however, there is a great number of girls that do rely on their stock lashes to do the batting. (what's "batting?" think Betty Boop's eyes in action!) anyway, here are some tips from various sources about how to preserve and/or regrow your lashes:

* avoid using old (slightly crusted) mascara
* avoid wearing waterproof mascara - it takes so much rubbing to remove even w/ the best makeup removers
* avoid doing a lot of rubbing when removing eye makeup - in my opinion, oil-based (or partly oil-based) makeup removers work the best to remove all kinds of makeup.. even eyelash glue!
* have patience when removing fake eyelashes (if you're like me, you get impatient and want to yank them off when they're half off -- not good!) a good way to remove them is to douse a fatty q-tip (not the cheapy brand q-tips w/ very little cotton) and gently rub over the base of your lash line, back-n-forth, back-n-forth until they loosen up. then position the q-tip horizontally (from your lash line) and roll outwards continuously from the base of your lashes out. this will gently pull the fakies off your lids.
* protect your lashes w/ vaseline - a lot of ppl put vaseline on the roots of their lashes AND on the lashes themselves to condition and protect (and some ppl even use vaseline instead of mascara(!!) but i'm sure they're the borrriqua chicks who already have thick, long lashes to begin with.)
*try talika lipocils - a product that's receive great reviews on eyelash growth. many ppl say that it helps make eyelashes thicker, but not necessarily longer... which is still good if you're mostly concerned about shedding. (they should have it @ sephora so you can probably buy it and return it if it doesn't work.)
**i think i'm going to order the eyebrow version of this product today. i'm determined to get the korean popstar eyebrows sooner than later -- this require LOTS of regrowth on my part.**

**update** talika didn't work for me! boo~ good thing sephora accepts returns. hehe i guess if you want to go with a product that definitely works (or works for most, shall i say), you have to dish out $150 and buy Revitalash. just don't use more than recommended because it can be harmful for you.


The Flying Helmet said...

u werent kidding when u said it was a bit girly haha. check out ur "labels" on the right side of ur page! lol

Angela K. said...

I've heard about putting vasaline at the roots of eyelashes before. You have some really great tips! Thanks for taking the time to research it for all your readers.

I've tried Revitalash and I'm currently testing out Talika Lipocils. Revitalash works really well, but it's pricey. I paid $140 for it a while back, but I've seen prices lately ranging from $130-$150. I decided to test Talika since it's much cheaper ($40 at Sephora) and has great reviews as well. What can I say? I love lashes. And yes, even the fakies. Having great lashes always adds a little oomph. ;)

stella said...

wow i had no idea about putting vaseline on my eyelashes. thanks for the tips!!

Anonymous said...

hi ahree, i always wear waterproof! oh well.. or else my lashes will go downtown.. you have some good posts... c u this weekend

Erica said...

If you have a hard time removing mascara, try Neutrogena make up remover! It works so well with only one rub. Even for removing lashes, it comes right off without ripping any of your eyelashes off!

miss cakeface said...

great tip - thanks erica!