Saturday, October 18, 2008

kinerase C6 peptide intensive treatment

this is the treatment that Courtney Cox uses and has gotten a lot of exposure because of it. however, that doesn't say much because (w/ all due respect) Courtney Cox doesn't look young anymore. either way, due to all of the good ingredients in this product (e.g., argireline--an advanced hexapeptide, vitamin C & E, green tea), i decided to try it out.

my impression:

i am a little on the fence about this product. knowing the ingredients make me feel like it's a wonderful product; however, i have not seen any visual improvements on my skin. i don't have many skin problems as is (and maybe that's why it didn't do much), but i was still looking for some type of improvement as far as skin texture, tone, etc. goes. i haven't noticed a thing. the only thing i can say is that it might have helped prevent additional skin damage, along with my sunblock -- but that's about it. i may repurchase for preventative reasons but definitely not to help fix anything.

basic 411:
Application: smooth, sinks in to skin (non-greasy)
$96 (but you can find it cheaper if you search online)
Where to Buy: various places online (e.g.,,,, Sephora
Overall Rating: 3/5 stars (not worth it, but definitely not a bad product)
Tip: if you wanna try it, i suggest just getting it at Sephora and returning it if it doesn't work out.

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Anonymous said...

You're not a middle aged woman. Of course you're not going to notice any changes or improvements.

My mom uses this product and it's diminished her wrinkles significantly. She tried a sample of it and noticed results from the few days the sample lasted, and continues to use the full sized product.