Tuesday, August 17, 2010

first giveaway!

finally, time for my first giveaway!

from left to right (sort of):
* 2 travel-size skin79 BB creams: diamond pearl luminous & VIP gold - these miniature tubes are great because you can try the BB creams out without having to buy the whole $$$ bottle. (fyi - these are NOT samples. they're actually from a 4-pc set. i've tested two of them, you can test the other two.)

* CLIO eyeliner pencil in 05 blue (electric blue) - CLIO is another good korean line -- higher end and better quality than etude house. =X comes w/ its own branded pencil sharpener.

* break cafe bath in coffee
- if you love coffee, then you will luuurve this japanese bath powder. pour the whole package in your bathwater and enjoy!

* fab girl tweezer - this cute tweezer was part of my haul at sasa when i was in singapore. now, i see them at random stores in the US. don't let the cuteness fool you. this tweezer challenges my tweezerman tweezers.

* kracie (formerly kanebo) foaming face wash in peach - good for oily or combination skin. the grapefruit version has good reviews on makeupalley.com. **edit: however, this cleanser may be too harsh for some ppl. if you already tried kracie and don't like it, i will substitute it with a mystery product!

*etude house brow liner in grey - why grey you say? on your natural days (if you have dark brown/black hair and brows), you can just shade in the missing brow areas and leave the house. tip - rub product on tissue or skin back and forth before you start using it. this is to remove the chalked layer.

*daiso japan half lashes #13 - these are my ultimate FAVORITE lashes to put on my clients right now. jazz up your already-long lashes by putting these on your outer lash line OR add them on top of your regular criss-cross lashes to make them more dramatic like this:

for more live examples, you can check out my previous posts: model lisa la is wearing daiso #13 lashes alone, and "chelsea" is wearing criss-crosses doubled with daiso #13s. =)

don't be afraid to double up your lashes! you can do WHATEVER you want w/ makeup. don't let anyone tell you the word NEVER (unless it's for skincare... because there are definite NO-NOs for skin -- like using Purell as a daily facial cleanser(!!?!) yes, someone i know has done this!)

1) be a subscriber!
2) comment on any of the products in this giveaway... or tell me a joke!
3) answer this question: what is misscakeface's HG eyeliner? (the first person to answer this question will get 3 submissions!) i was thinking about adding my HG liner to my giveaway but it was out of stock at my local beauty shop!
**oops, forgot to add that i need your email addy**

ONE beauty addict will be randomly chosen this sunday, 8/22/10. i think i will do an actual drawing... with names in a hat!

to everyone -- thanx so much for reading. whenever i get lazy or feel like quitting, someone randomly tells me that they enjoy my blog. *fuzzies*

i promise the giveaways will get better n better!


skaki said...

i am a follower of your blog.
i never used any of the giveaway products in your giveaway
username- ks sn
email- kssn31@gmail.com

miss cakeface said...

hii~ thanx for entering! =)

mandy said...

I'm a follower!
I've tried the greentea version of the cleanser a while back. It was alright, but I think it dried my skin out (i have oily-combo skin).
Your HG eyeliner...Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner? :]
Thanks for the giveaway! ^__^

Claire M said...

been a follower a while. love your page. thanks for the giveaway.
love korean cosmetics. was a big etude house fan when i lived there!

miss cakeface said...

you're right-on, mandy! you get 3 entries! yay!! i'm sorry that the kracie face wash didn't work out for you. if you win my giveaway, i'll substitute it with something else!

Claire M - how long did you live in Korea? awesome! i haven't been there in forever but my relatives bring me goodies. =) thanx for participating! xoxo

Skinny Fat Stacy said...

Omigawddd, I'm dying to try some of those tiny little cute BB creams. I want everything that's miniature sized...I don't know. It's like giving cake to my chubby little brother. hahaha :)

Oh, don't forget about my giveaway which ends AUGUST 20th!!!


Caroline said...

1. Hi unni!
2. The Kanebo facewash really does wash off the oils... i accidentally washed my hair with it thinking it was conditioner (similar texture) during a sleepy morning shower and my hair was so dry even after I used REAL conditioner.
3. Don't you like those temp tattoo eyeliners?

Mary in Wonder said...

yesyesyes! Finally the giveaway! hEHHEHE
The VIP and the pearly BBs are the bests from the pack! Love them both! too bad I run out of them ;)
Of course I'm a subscriber!

My mail add: symymary@gmail.com

Thifa said...
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stella said...

Here is a joke!

Q:What did the korean mom turkey say to her baby turkey?

get it? puahahahahaha~~

I hope you haven't heard this one yet. heehee :)

miss cakeface said...

LOL i haven't heard that one yet but i'll def be using it!!

icitea said...

Ooo, eyeliner in electric blue! I've always wanted to try that but the ones they sell here are expensive. The lashes are beautiful too!

Ah, I hope you mean a follower when you say 'subscriber'? Because I'm a follower.

... someone that actually uses purelle as cleanser... that makes me shudder.

and as mandy said, your hg eyeliner is the koji dolly wink. Wish I could buy that here too!

le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

Thanks for the chance!

Josh Healy said...

Hi, hope it's OK to contact you here. We would love to include your blog on our giveaway search engine: Giveaway Scout (http://www.giveawayscout.com). Have a look and if interested, use our online form to add your blog (http://www.giveawayscout.com/addblog/ ). thanks, Josh

miss cakeface said...

hi icitea~! thanx for entering my contest and for being a loyal subscriber/follower (yes, that's totally what i meant)! =D next time, i'm definitely going to add the Dolly Wink liner! CLIO is kind of pricey here (Cali) too, but where are you from?

HisaO said...

awww... i like entering myself in giveaway seasooon.. but unfortunatly i never wiiinnn...

ok btw i following ur blog.. n i read all ur post from begining...

i like that bb cream (did u remmember i ever ask u bout that bb cream n ask bout where is ur review??).. yeah i love it although I've never tried it ... then the liner ... woohooo one unforgettable staff makeup ever is eyeliner .. im really falling in love with eyeliner... if I were stranded on an island, one of my makeup staff that i bought was eyeliner .. wkwk

n the asnwer for ur question isss ...... as i know when i read all of ur post, u really like k-palete eyeliner tattoos till you found Dolly wink that has trullly black line .. but i think u still using that k-pallete as ur liquid eyeliner..

hope can wiiiin ^^ *cross finger*

Anonymous said...

I like this site^-^