Sunday, May 20, 2012

eyelash giveaway - addition!

while i was reading a few of the comments, i realized that not many ppl use false eyelashes. so~ i thought -- why don't i add a full-size bottle of my FAVORITE eyelash glue to the eyelash giveaway as well?!

many people have trouble keeping the lashes from falling off at the ends. while some of that is due to application technique, the glue used also has a role.

a lot of people use DUO lash adhesive but it's not my favorite because the glue isn't very strong. plus, i don't like having to wait for it to get 'tacky.' i only use DUO for everyday lashes when i need removal to be quick and easy. i don't use it for weddings or events. that's where Darkness Eyelash Glue comes in.


with Darkness, there is no wait time before application. you can just apply it to the base of the false lashes, then put the lashes directly onto your eyelids. holding power is better than most (if not all). i can even take a shower with my lashes on and they still won't fall right off. (with Duo, they will.) however, if you use face soap+water (with a gentle rub), the lashes will detach. the only 'con' is that after removal, there might be bits of glue still stuck on your lids that you will need to pluck off with your fingertips or tweezer. they also have a black version of this glue, but i prefer the clear. if you make a mistake with the black version and accidentally misalign the lash on your lid, it will leave a black mark on the eyelid that would require rubbing and reapplication (of both eyeshadow and eyelash).

i'm going to extend the deadline for the eyelash giveaway for another week because i added the glue. now, the giveaway will include:


all previous entries for the eyelash giveaway will still count. if you leave another comment on this post, you will get 2 entries. remember, you must leave a comment/question and be a follower/subscriber to my blog to win. good luck!

if you don't win and still want to try it, check out the 'where to buy' information below.

Price: $6.99 (average price)
Where to Buy: almost any korean cosmetics store or market (with a cosmetics booth),,,
Overall Rating: 5/5 stars
Tip: don't pull your lashes off @ the end of the day without face soap+water. (you can do this with DUO, but with Darkness, you will pull some of your real lashes off too!) you can get this glue for much cheaper online but you have to pay for shipping -- which makes it more expensive than buying it at a store.


kerker said...

oh! i use duo, think its ok but i havent tried other brands.

Vicky said...

Oh no! My order for DUO has already been dispatched. I read so many rave reviews about it, I couldn't resist so I bought the dark one as well... Does it really not last?

Also, what method do you use to stick the ends of your real eyelashes to your falsies? The only method I can find online is to use mascara after they've been glued on and the mascara will stick them together. But wouldn't that ruin the false eyelashes for multiple uses? 'Cause it would get mucky with mascara so you can't use it multiple times, which is bad for expensive falsies...? What do you do to stick the fake and real lashes together w/o making a mess?

Final question: is using and taking care of fashion falsies (colourful/feathered/jewelled) different from normal (natural/thick/crisscross) falsies?

Thanks for answering my previous comment as well! Sorry for bombarding you with so many! I just can't find proper answers on the internet... Thanks! :) xx

miss cakeface said...

Hi Vicky! No problem - I welcome questions! I love giving my opinion but please note that it is just that -- my opinion. someone else might think otherwise. ;-)

DUO is still good - everyone uses it. It's safe and most people are not allergic to it. However, since I've tried out other brands that aren't sold in the U.S. stores, I've learned that DUO isn't as strong as others. DUO will hold as long as you don't cry or get your lashes wet somehow. (A lot of crying will detach any lash glue though.) Darkness is my favorite but one that's closest to it is Revlon-- you can get that at almost any drug store. The good think about DUO is that the glue is easier to pick off of your eyes and the residual glue that's left on your lashes.

I use mascara to blend natural lashes to falsies. Sometimes, I don't even blend them since my natural lashes are so light and sparse -- people won't see them anyway. Also, the angle that I place my lashes is toward the direction of my natural lash growth so I can put my falsies on, and then curl them together. Yes, doing anything to the false lashes after application will ruin them a little bit (or a lot) depending on how they were made. If you're using the natural hair thin-band lashes, they probably won't last more than a few uses. However, synthetic lashes or lashes with a slightly thicker band will be more durable. (For example, I can wear my Darkness and Daiso eyelashes for up to 3 weeks if I take them off carefully and gently wash them. Taking the glue off of them after removing them from your lid is the hardest part because that's when they can fall apart.)

I never buy super expensive lashes because you can get great lashes for less than $5.00 from asian stores or websites.

For more bedazzled falsies (feathers, jewels), I would assume you'd need to be more careful with them since they have more 'stuff' that's been added to them. For colored lashes, it should be the same because they are probably synthetic/plastic.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Vicky said...

OMG thank you for your thorough and comprehensive reply! I can't wait to play with falsies. I bought a pack of 10 for only £2 from a chinabrand which sounds really dubious, but has got some good reviews, so we'll see! They're so cheap, they're practically like 1-day disposables anyways, hehehe... Anyways, thanks again!! xx

Joo Young said...

I LOVE how your eyes look in your false lashes and it was helpful when you mentioned using a particular type of glue. now I know! seriously Miss Cakeface, your makeup always looks so great and your application on others too! :) once I actually take the time to try the fake eyelash application I'll probably come back and ask more questions. although on a side-note, I have to say I did try Revlon Color-Stay foundation and I like it a lot. :)

miss cakeface said...

Ouuu yay! Glad you like Revlon Colorstay. It's great for the value and stays longer than many department store brands. Eyelashes are fun - let me know if you have any more questions. =)

Qiqi said...

Is that glue easy to get off?

Anonymous said...

Ohh I didn't know Darkness eyelash also glue comes in a separate bottle like that!

I enjoy reading your posts with your tips and knowledge! I better start playing and practicing my false eyelash application. :)

miss cakeface said...

Hi Qiqi, this glue is harder to remove than Duo. With Duo, you can just pull your lashes off without pain. However, with Darkness glue, you can't just pull your lashes off @ the end of the day. You actually have to use makeup remover or face wash. I take them off after I lather my face with water and face wash. Then, I get to wash my lashes @ the same time.

Ashley Monroe said...

Wow... I wish I can get this giveaway so I can try.