Friday, June 18, 2010

new nose ring!

got a new nose ring! well, i bought it a while ago but wore it out for the first time today. it's actually a C-shaped hoop and is made from 316L stainless steel (which i prefer over gold, silver, other). it's not as common as a CBR (captive bead ring) which goes all the way around with a ball closure. with this nose ring, there is no ball to worry about inhaling. lol you just put it on from the inside of your nose and hoop around! i love it!

nose hoop vs. CBR

the only down side is that you have to bend it to fit the curve of your nostril. if you wear it as is, you end up with a VERY round ring sticking out of your nose. i like it to hug my nostril instead of it sticking out like a cow. (my mom would still call me a cow with this too, however. OH well, mommy moo!)

Price: $4.00
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