Monday, June 14, 2010

BEST.EVER fuchsia lipstick

i think everyone should own one really good fuchsia lipstick & one really good red lipstick. this is my recommendation for SUPER HOT fuchsia lips:

MAC - show orchid

pictures will speak for themselves. the color is absolutely beautiful. my hubby said "your lips are so bright, it looks fake!"

here are some silly snaps:

in low light

in bright light

no nostrils! =)

Price: $14
Where to Buy:
MAC Pro stores only
Overall Rating: 5+/5 stars
Tip: no lipliner needed!

*check back for my review on the BEST.EVER red lips!*


Anonymous said...

I love love lovee that color! I actually just purchased the same exact color at a CCO today for only $10!!

miss cakeface said...

isn't it just fab?! you should post a pic! =D

Livia said...

I love this colour, and you look stunning with it! :) xx

Sonya said...

I love this color! Can I use your picture with a link back to your page for a blog post?? Let me know ASAP.
sonyaleebenham at