Wednesday, November 24, 2010

MAC pro longwear foundation

i haven't been keeping up w/ my MAC products, and now, i find out that they came out with a new foundation that's pretty good! BUT **don't get too excited yet** it comes with a lot of pre-requisites (for lack of a better word). for fellow cakefaces who have normal to combination skin and don't mind the matte look, this foundation is for you if you have a lot to cover. ;-)

MAC pro longwear spf 10 foundation
this foundation has great coverage (good for people like me w/ scars and redness) and it stays put even without makeup base! here's the skinny:

PROS: full coverage; doesn't oxidize to orange; decent oil control; long lasting (this foundation really doesn't budge if you apply it correctly), so it requires fewer touch-ups, which means less germs getting piled on your face!

CONS: proper application is a bit tricky compared to other liquid foundations. (i'm still trying to figure out the BEST way to do this.) dries a little rubbery and you have to rub/blend quickly before it dries to avoid getting streaks (and it dries VERY quickly). finish is extra-matte. some ppl like this, others prefer dewy. (dewy does look healthier)


here are a few pics from today. this picture is taken 12 hours after application with NO touch-ups throughout the day.

almost time for bed. can't tell, can you?


click to view my blemishes larger. depending on your computer color settings, my blemishes may show up light or bright. if it's bright, it's more like the real deal. i also have a scar on the other side of my face. yucko!

Where to Buy:
MAC stores, Nordstrom, Bloomies, Macy's, etc.
Overall Rating: 4/5 stars
Tip: not recommended for dry skin. for full coverage, layer-layer-layer and set with mineral or setting powder. to make the finished look more dewy, try a spritz of FIX+. also, since this foundation doesn't budge -- you need to put that much more effort into removal at the end of the day. also, this foundation runs a bit darker than MAC studio fix fluid. if you're between colors with studio fix, go with the lighter shade.


stella said...

haha, you're so funny. "Warning, no make up alert!"

Tammi Shen said...

Hey julie...have you tried applying this with the beauty blender to see if the streaking is less of a problem?

miss cakeface said...

i haven't but i'm sure it would help. if a foundation is too tricky, i'm too lazy to use it as my daily. =X what do you use tammi?

Tammi Shen said...

hey Julie....I've used MUFE HD, Smashbox HD, Clinique (i forget which ones)...MAC studio fix fluid, bare minerals, glominerals.

i really like how the beauty blender applied my liquid foundation....air brush finish effect =)

my favorite is glominerals. =)

Catherine said...

This is kind of off topic but I absolutely love the nose ring on you, it looks perfect. What gauge is the ring if you know?

miss cakeface said...

hi catherine! my nose ring is 18g. =) do you have your nose pierced?

Catherine said...

Yess I do. I have been looking for a nose hoop that will fit my nose. The ones I've tried so far stick out far too much on my nose and looks odd. But I just ordered a bunch of the same kind of open hooped ones, if the one you are wearing is from BAF.

miss cakeface said...

mine is from BAF too but i had to bend it because it was too "round" and stuck out a bit when viewed from the side.