Saturday, May 2, 2009

pink & electric blue

not much to post tonight. here's a pic from a few months ago when i was playing w/ my urban decay shadows (which i ended up returning).

raH! playing w/ powder is fun!


Anonymous said...

i know you said you were only playing around, but that looks fantastic!
you are very creative, i hope one day my eyes get to look that pretty.
Btw i am in the process of getting an urban decay eye palette, just wondering why did you return yours?
-xo shaz

husband said...


Anonymous said...

oh thats a good principal, I'm very cautious with stuff i buy online.. so i guess i'll get the urban decay palette only if i'm desperate :)
Have you tried any of the coastal scents palettes? Thank you for replying back too~
- xo shaz

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

this is a fierce looK! wish i had real time to play with e/s and get inspired these days!

Anonymous said...

oooooo, i like!
lub unee

Anonymous said...

lol, im commenting back from the post you left on my blog =]
I agree, i wish i was as strong as those women who gave up waxing but i care too much about what other people think? Awww, are the people friendly in Cali? I've always wanted to go but i heard people there are all really big on looking good 100% of the time. and im really lazy D:

Yeah, ive heard alot of good things from coastal scents and I'm planning to get the 88 shimmer palette for my birthday, i'll definately let you know what i think ^^~