Friday, June 19, 2009

fancy french

update of my life... i graduated!! why this is relevant to BB: i can update more! woohoO!

anyway, i had some time today so i did my nails. i've been trying to conserve $ these days so i've been doing french tips on my own:

excuse the cheesy pose. hahaa i'm too lazy to use my digicam.

what i used:

(horrible picture, i know)

* OPI Alpine Snow (the solid super white)
* OPI I'll Take the Cake! (the sheer pinkish)
* Canmake 708A (clear polish w/ iridescent med & small glitter)
* Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
* some cheap flower nail stickers from Forever21
* soft file block (for 'roughening up' the nails slightly so the polish has more traction)
* dense smudge brush (normally used for makeup -- from Target)
* ONYX Professional 100% acetone nail polish remover

what i did:
first, i filed/buffed my nails to give them some texture so the polish will hold/stay on better. then i applied OPI Alpine Snow to the tips of my nails, and w/ the smudge brush + polish remover, i cleaned off/shaped the jagged parts of the white tips. i let the white dry for a bit, then applied the pinkish OPI I'll Take the Cake! onto the upper/non-polished part of my nails (the part opposite from the white). this polish adds a soft & subtle pearl to your nails that that makes them look acrylic. before it dries, i added the clear coat to the white tips and work up, going over the freshly-applied pinkish coat. (FYI- if you coat your whole nail w/ the OPI I'll Take the Cake!, it will smudge your white tips! the clear coat, however, doesn't smudge them.) after this is done, you have your basic french do.

i wasn't going for the crazy jdm look so i didn't add too much to my french tips, but i did want to make them a little more fun by adding the Canmake 708A glitter polish and the flower + rhinestone stickers on my thumb and ring fingers. (i absolutely LOVE 3D nails but they kind of bother me when they're on. i end up picking at them - bad bad BAD!)

alrighty, time for bed... almost.


Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL! im currently in the 'acrylic nails are growing out and look gross' phase :). i might do my own nails now, thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

hey julie. Do you have any info about those skin buffing products that sephora advertises? they're like $200 or so. It looks like a mini circular brush on a little handle machine that spins around. What's the purpose of it and how is it supposed to improve skin? Is it really worth the money? Does doing that prevent breakouts b/c my face is breaking out and i'm tired of this!

miss cakeface said...

i don't know about that exact product but a 'buffer' made is for exfoliating, which helps the skin renewing cycle. neutrogena also has a buffer (it's only about $30-35 bucks) which might be a better investment...BUT i don't think these things are made for breakouts directly but it can help prevent them by keeping your skin clean. i wouldn't waste money on it, although i do think you should exfoliate 2-3x/week (no more than 3x) to make sure you're shedding the dead skin cells away. for breakouts, try a mild face soap w/ glycolic acid (that's what my facial lady told my friend this week) OR benzoyl peroxide (if you're not allergic to it) and make sure you tone and moisturize afterwards.

k_an said...

Congrats on your graduation!