Tuesday, April 6, 2010

care for a drink?

ok is this blog turning into an alcohol blog or what? geez, i promise i'll have a beauty post next time! (btw- i have a new HG pencil liner. it's better than Make Up For Ever, MAC, Revlon ColorStay, etc.) i just need to hurry up and take some good pictures and possibly a demo video to show how wonderful it is. heheheee

on to my post... i was walking around Bristol Farms in Manhattan Beach the other day and was greeted with these lovely ladies:

it's supposed to be a lighter wine, and here's what wine.com has to say about it:

"Bitch, a provocatively named 100% Grenache from R Wines, achieves the potential of this difficult-to-grow grape. Winemakers Chris Ringland and Lisa Wetherell use fruit sourced from vineyards in the Ebenezer sub-region of Barossa Valley in South Australia. Yields from the 25-year-old vines grown in sand over clay are modest, 3 to 5 tons an acre.

The nose and palate are a delicate mix of fruit characters; perfumed raspberries, peach, and poached quince. The palate extends to a juicy, fleshy texture with confectionary flavors of strawberries and cream and finishes with spicy, cloves, and nutmeg."


Anonymous said...

Hey! We have an eye for the same things!

I came across Bitch Bubbly @ Whole Foods. If you tried it, let me know what you think!


Sassyscribe said...

I tried it and I liked it.

miss cakeface said...

ouu thanx! =D

AmandaPants. said...

:D i wanna try it for two reasons now, sounds yum (: and i lovee the name hehe

Sarah said...

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