Monday, May 23, 2011

product review: l'oreal sublime mousse hair dye

i LOVE foam hair dyes because application is so easy. before l'oreal came out with their sublime mousse hair dye, i was using the japanese foam hair dye (kao prettia) with OK results. i say "OK" only because prettia faded out quickly. so when l'oreal came out with their own foam hair dye, i was quick to try it. my favorite drugstore brand hair dye is l'oreal anyway (l'oreal preference).

the package comes with the typical applicator with developer, color, latex gloves, and a decent-sized tube of conditioner. i REALLY liked that they had PURE DARKEST BROWN as a color option since regular dark brown isn't always dark enough for me. i don't ever want to go black again either because black tends to become permanent if your hair is already porous from multiple chemical treatments -- like mine. no more color correction for me!

BEFORE PHOTO (3/9/11):

excuse my psychopathic expression. hahahaa as you can see, my hair was almost black @ the roots and medium brown everywhere else.
AFTER PHOTOS (3/13/11):

2.5 months later, my ponytail and my regular locks are still dark!

final words? LOVE this hair dye. it beats Prettia by FAR. if i rate this a 5, i'd rate prettia a 2. Nice n Easy also came out with a foam hair dye (which i bought but haven't tried), but it's going to be hard to beat this! L'oreal FTW!

Price: $9.99 (more or less)
Where to Buy:
markets, drug stores, Target, etc.
Overall Rating:
5/5 stars
may not work as well to cover grays.

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