Wednesday, August 10, 2011

eyelash extensions @ beauteous lash boutique

not sure if i've ever mentioned it here but i had a horrible experience with my first set of eyelash extensions that i got done in singapore. they were brittle, unnaturally curly, and were really messy (LOTS of visible glue clumped together). HOWEVER, i decided to give it one more time after being referred to a new lash artist by one of my old bro-friends. (yes, a guy referred me!)

entrance to the lash boutique. really artsy decor in the hallway (you can't see it from this picture) and a calming, white/clean environment once inside.

the lash design options.


very pathetic lashes. this is probably due to everyday fake-lash wear with waterproof glue.

donde esta mi lashes?

the lash station

all taped up! wow, my foundation looks good here. LOL you can't even see my scar.

mid-process. no boogers!

closeup. these under eye pads were so soft, comfy gels.
in singapore, they straight up put medical tape on my lower lids (the really sticky kind you DON'T use on your face -- felt like duct tape).


can't see the glue!

i got the J-curl lashes. these are the most natural-looking for most asians. they also have a C-curl, which is curlier; and a D-curl which is ridiculously curly. the length also varies. i got a combo of 10mm-12mm lashes.

profile shot

tight blink - indoor lighting. lashes look darker.


very artsy place. here are some interesting things i saw on the way to the restroom.

they have these photographs everywhere.

alrighty -- here's the important info. kudos to you if you followed this far. the salon is called:

765 Baker st #H
Costa Mesa. CA 92626
**the main building is dark brown with orange writing (that says "SOLO" -- don't ask because i don't know). i parked @ the CAMP (shopping center) a block away because there was no more parking in the building's tiny lot.

LASH ARTIST: Noriko ("Nori")

$120: 65 individual lashes per eye
$100: 50 individual lashes per eye
**you'll probably get either of the above options if it's your first time. for a more full look, e.g., 75 lashes per eye, the price goes up to $140.

i got ~55 lashes per eye, which is full but not too crazy. they have additional pricing for more/less lashes or fills that are quite reasonable. they also do japanese 3d nail art. (btw- my lash artist also won 1st place at a nail art competition last year!)

TIME: very important!! a full set of lash extensions takes ~2 hours, so don't drink redbull or coffee before you go -- or just remember to empty out your bladder beforehand!

check out their website if you can read japanese. otherwise, just call for information. =)


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thats so nice! how long do these lashes last?