Wednesday, January 14, 2009


i have my personal blog and my beauty blog, and i'm currently contemplating joining them (or more appropriately, "consolidating").

my special person sez not to because i will get some ppl hating on me, but i find it a bit cumbersome to write on both blogs. also, sometimes, i want to put beauty stuff on my personal blog because it's part of me (i talk about skincare on a normal basis).

what do you guys think? my personal blog is on wordpress. if i consolidate, i will probably delete the blogspot one (beauty booger).

what to do, what to do...


paperdollrevenge said...

Ohhh I didn't realize you had a new personal one (bye bye Xanga! reminds me of years ago hehe).

I'm all for consolidating...because as much as I love makeup and beauty stuff, I also love reading about other things too. And like you said, beauty stuff is also a part of you.

If people hate...that's their problem. I say let them eat cake! ;)

And see...word verification: eatophet. =)

Anonymous said...

hey babe, i'm back! whether you have 1 blog or 50, i think its irrelevant is someone cares for you or not. people practically put their lives on blast on myspace, so whats the difference!

go do your thin girl!