Friday, January 30, 2009

preordered my kitty kouture

i just preordered 2 kitty kouture goodies today!

the kitty kouture line only has 2 products. dazzleglass (lip gloss) in 2 colors and a mystery powder in 3 colors. i don't know how good the mystery powder is but i won't be buying it because it's a whopping $90! the dazzleglass is $28 and it comes w/ a brush applicator. (i'm a sucker for brushes!) i preordered the dazzleglass in both colors, dazzlepuss & kitty kouture.


as you all know by now, the mac hello kitty collection launches feb 10th online and feb 12th in stores. hello kitty kouture, however, launches on march 5th.

if you want to go and preorder for either line, go to nordstrom - they do preorders. the mac store doesn't!

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