Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Best.TopCoat.Ever. - Seche Vite

this has got to be the BEST top coat ever. i first found out about seche vite overhearing a girl on the bus (in NJ, not cali) rant to her friends about how great it was. so, i tried it and absolutely LOVED it. i never really thought there were so much variability in nail polishes but there definitely is. not only does it dry fairly quickly, it also allows your nail polish to stay on for @ least a few (to several) days longer before chipping. of course, this also depends on if you have a good base coat underneath your color polish to keep it from sliding off. however, this is one top coat that i can consider my HG. love, love, love it! (btw- when i went to taiwan earlier this year and got my crazy nails did there, they were using seche vite too.)

Price: $4.50 - $10.00
Where to Buy: drug stores, beauty stores
Overall Rating: 5/5 stars
Tip: if you buy it at a drug store (e.g., CVS), expect to pay around $7.99 for it. i bought mine at Sally's for $4.99 (or so) w/ my membership discount (membership costs only $5/year) -- well worth it.


to piggyback off of this nail polish post, i'd also like to share another nail polish that i LOVE:

OPI strawberry margarita ♥

if you're looking for a nice candy pink (w/o glitter), this is the color for you! over the weekend, i got my nails done and picked this color to try. it's not a light pink or a dark pink -- it's just in between. the color is so vibrant - it really pops! it would make a really cool m&m color. lol

my crappy webcam doesn't take good photos. the pink actually looks more bright and slightly coral-ish than what is seen here.

i ♥ OPI.


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k_an said...

I purchased the top coat...and it works WONDERS. My nail polish usually chips within a day but with this, it lasts for days. Thank you!

miss cakeface said...

np. glad you like! i may try the mascara base you have posted on your site from 2008! lol

*~kAy~* said...

that color looks pretty nice :)
i've heard a lot of ppl like that top coat.. hm... didn't know it can make that much of a difference.. i must try and c for myself then :P