Friday, March 27, 2009

vitamins are not created equal!

think you're doing yourself good by popping them vitamins? you know, if you normally eat a well-balance diet, you really don't need to take any vitamins; more than the daily dose comes out in your peepee. =X however, because many of us live busy lives, we don't always get all the nutrients we need in the foods we choose to consume.

things to look for when buying vitamins:
look for vitamins that are easily absorbed, meaning made from natural ingredients. most people don't know that many of the vitamins sold at drug stores are not 100% natural, but are actually man-made/synthetic. for example, a vitamin can be labeled as "100% vitamin _" even if it only contains 10% of it naturally and 90% of it man-made.

why does this matter?
man-made vitamins do not absorb in the body as well as natural vitamins. so when you read the label and it reads, "2000% DV (Daily Value)," this does not also mean 2000% absorption. in simpler terms, your body does not absorb all 2000% of it, but only a fraction! so try to buy all natural (vegetarian) products. in addition, certain man-made vitamins (e.g., vitamin A) can damage your liver if overdosed (

a few recommended brands (per my school nurse):
- Garden of Life*
- Metagenics
- Eclectic
- Solgar

i am currently trying out Garden of Life's VITAMIN CODE right now. BTW, all-natural vitamins are usually more expensive, but i'm sure there's a reason for that!

note: i don't claim to know everything about vitamins, so feel free to inform/correct me. for more info about vitamins & minerals, go to, or to (yes, a kids' site!).

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