Friday, April 17, 2009

*update* review: sana extra large mascara

ohhhhkay. i have to admit that the cute fobby packaging was half of the reason why i decided to try out this mascara. (see why marketing is so important? you win the business of suckers people like ME!)

anyway, here is my impression of sana's EXTRA LARGE MASCARA. btw - this mascara is waterproof, and i have to warn you that my review is a bit biased because i don't really like waterproof mascaras in general, and have not tried too many of them. so this review will be my take on it in comparison to other mascaras i've tried, which includes non-waterproof mascaras.

so the name claims "EXTRA LARGE" lashes. do i agree? ummm... not really, or not as much as the name claims. i didn't find this mascara to be EXTRA thickening or lengthening but it does thicken and lengthen (and the fibers in it seem to help) - just not that much more than some of the others mascaras i've tried. application required multiple strokes to achieve good coverage, and it takes some practice to get the nice full look. overall, it's a pretty good waterproof mascara but i don't think it lives up to its name as far as giving you "EXTRA LARGE" lashes. however, when applied well (meaning, multiple layers with skillful lash separation w/ wand), it does look pretty nice.

PROS: not very clumpy, thickens moderately, keeps lashes curled better than any other mascara i've tried. (NO OVER-CURLING REQUIRED - this is the biggest "PRO" about this mascara.) very good applicator brush that separates lashes. no smudging whatsoever after drying.
CONS: goes on a bit dry - not a thick, wet application (which i actually prefer). requires multiple strokes to achieve the "full" look.

$16.99 - $18.99
Where to Buy: almost any japanese market (or online on various asian cosmetic sites)
Overall Rating: 4/5 stars
Tip: LAYER it on before it dries; don't over-curl before application


karen said...

OooOooO Can't wait to see the results! I'm a big fan of Diorshow ... the waterproof one. Have you ever tried it? I recently found out about a JDM mascara called Fairy Drops Platinum. I hear it's super popular over there. I'm such a sucker for cute packaging that I might have to try it. Just thought I'd check and see if you've tried it yet. Thanks!

miss cakeface said...

hey karen! your link doesn't work so i can't w/b to you there! i've gone back n forth about trying Diorshow out but haven't done so because it has mixed reviews on one day, i might but for now, i'm going to try some others. hehe i haven't seen Fairy Drops Platinum but i'll have to check it out! you have to be a lil careful w/ jdm mascara because the girls over there wear it like spider eyes. lol anyway, check back soon. miss u!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

Hi Thanks for following! your website look so cute! Btw you rocked that OPI nail colour and cute dress!

" KT " said...

That is the cutest darn header layout EVERRRRRRRRRR WOMAN!!!

" KT " said...

btw -- im dying to see your review on this, I always run across it at Marukai! ^_^ chop chop woman!

*~kAy~* said...

looks like it curled pretty well tho :)