Sunday, April 26, 2009

*update* my HG mascara

i finally found one to call my HG! unfortunately, it's one that i've been avoiding due to mixed reviews so i feel like a hypocrite. lol ohhh well. i bought it and absolutely LOVE it. i'll keep you lashfreaks in suspense for a tiddobit. hehehee

***edit: updated**

and the HG is............

DiorShow - Black Out

okay. so i initially avoided buying DiorShow because it had mixed reviews on makeupalley, and i don't like to trust the reviews on because i noticed they overrate every product they have on there by at least 1 point (star)... but since i got a gift certificate to Macy's i was trying to waste spend, i decided to try it out.

i opted for the DiorShow - Black Out and not the regular DiorShow mascara because the Black Out version is supposed to be super dark and give you that "false lash look," and i like my lashes to look as dark/thick as possible (since my natural lashes are a JOKE w/o help).

application was very smooth and silky. you don't need layer 10x to achieve the "thick" look either. it also gives you a wet (not dry) look and it doesn't flake throughout the day. you do need to overcurl a bit to keep the lashes up but it definitely beats Voluminous (it BETTER since it costs 4x more!). i know everyone has a different preference of what they want in a mascara, but this one does it for me -- lengthen and thicken w/o having to layer on so much. i'm in LOVE! i had it on the other day and my sister thought i was wearing fakies. wootwoot!

PROS: thickens and lenghtens, doesn't flake. super, super black so even one coat shows. gives you the 'wet' look. =D
CONS: could be cheaper.

not the best pic, but here's an example. this was one of my more natural days (no eye shadow), but i do have eyeliner on.

(btw- the line @ the end of my right eye is my liner. why are my eyes so puffy?! )

Where to Buy: almost any department store, sephora
Overall Rating: 5/5 stars!
Tip: for a more natural look, apply only one light coat. for a more dramatic look, layer a few times and remember to overcurl a lil.


paperdollrevenge said...

Hmm if I had to guess...I'm guessing it's a Dior mascara? Is it, is it?!

word verification "wayspie"...I'm spying on your blog. =P

Karen said...

Yay! While I was in Vegas at the Dior boutique I asked the sales associate what this difference was between the black out and the waterproof one and she said that black out was the blackest on the market and to be used as a top coat. Since I already use Dior Show waterproof, spending another $25 on a top coat seemed a little excessive... $50 on mascara alone?!

Glad you decided to try it!!!! Now I know I can use it solo! :)

thekwannie said...

i love my diorshow blackout! have you tried the lancome mascara? the one that has this weird vibrator applicator? it definitely lengthens your lashes without clumping. i think the blackout clumps it up a little more for the dramatic look, but if you want a natural look, lancome is the way to go.

Anonymous said...

yeah, works pretty well... i wanna try to extra large mascara...

miss.t said...

Wow, if you gave it 5/5 stars, I think I am going to try this one!

k_an said...

Does this smudge at all? It looks like you're using the regular one, not the waterproof that correct? Have you tried the waterproof one? I tend to wipe my eyes a lot and my mascara gets all wet and icky. You look like you're wearing falsies!
Liking your site!! Thumbs up!

miss cakeface said...

you're right, it's the non-waterproof one. =) i tried to w/b on your page but couldn't access! nice to meet you!

k_an said...

I actually made my page private because I don't do much with it. I might re-open it later if I can stop being lazy =)

Nice to meet you too! I love finding reviews about mascaras...especially for Asian lashes. I am definitely going to try Diorshow Black out...I already put a bid for the k-palette eyeliner (1 day tattoo) on ebay. I am waiting patiently for the bidding to be over (in 4 days!) so that I can get my hands on the good stuff. I recently ordered Fairy Drops mascara from because I read good reviews about it. Have you heard about it? Tried it? I am on a quest to find the perfect mascara for my icky wimpy lashes.

Btw, I'm using I-Max Gold Eyelash conditioner and it's actually helping my lashes grow longer...Have you tried it before? Just wondering if Revita lash is better than I-Max. If so, I'm getting it ASAP! =D

P.S. - Urban Decay primer potion works wonders. If you have problem with smudging eyeliners...apply this primer and it definitely will help minimize the smudging. I use bobbi brown gel liner and it works great with this primer =)

*~kAy~* said...

wow.. you have such long looking lashes! <3
I barely have any lashes :P

Angela K. said...

Hi Julie! After reading your review, I decided to buy the Dior Black Out today. I've been wanting to try it for a while now and I'm so glad I did. It's too soon to tell, but it may become my HG mascara. I love it! Oh, the joys of finding good makeup. =)