Friday, March 19, 2010

ishizawa labs lovedrops: tearbaby eyeliner

i'm so~ disloyal to my cakeup. i'm always looking for something better to replace my HGs. =X is that bad? oh well. so yesterday, while i was @ mitsuwa looking for the dolly wink liquid liner (which i couldn't find), this little cookie caught my eye:

i don't know if it's good marketing (it probably is) but i fell for it again. the cute packaging and the word "tearbaby" made me believe that this liner could possibly challenge my HG liquid liner, k-palette 1-day tattoo. i tried to challenge my HG once before (w/ 24H), and k-palette won w/ flying colors -- no pun intended.

pics on the box:

i just tried it on today. the color didn't go on as boldly as k-palette but maybe it just needs a little more use to get the tip going.

full review to be posted soon. stay tuned!


stella said...

those cute packages always get me too!

kan said...

I have finally switched over to the k-palette more using an eyeliner brush and dipping it in gel! By the way, where do you order yours? I order mine from ebay.