Wednesday, March 10, 2010

UH OH. dea bella > revitalash?!!

i think YES.

coming from a person who never wanted to try lash enhancing chemicals, i have to say i was quite impressed by Revitalash when i saw my sister's n mom's lashes grow like non-koreans. lol it worked for me too, but it did take ~3-4 mos to notice a significant difference. HOWEVER, with Dea Bella, i noticed a difference in less than 2 mos.

how i tested:
in November of '09, i took a trip to Singapore and got lash extensions done -- which i absolutely HATED. (i think they used cheap hard lashes.) i ended up removing them myself, along with 50% of my own lashes. yes, it was OUCH! so when i got back from my trip, i was in great need of Revitalash. it was around this time when i found out about Dea Bella. a distant friend of mine had been using it, and her lashes were rumored to be super long. so i thought, why not give it a try?

fast forward ~2 mos and i had my full set of lashes again (or most of them at least)! i later started putting Revitalash on my left eye and Dea Bella on my right, and the lashes on my right eye (Dea Bella) are now longer and more full than my left. the only weird thing is that it hasn't worked so well on the outer corners of my LOWER lashes. can't explain that.

things to note: on application, Dea Bella stings EVERY TIME. i know some ppl who have experienced initial pain/tingling with Revitalash that eventually went away. i never felt any stinging with Revitalash. i have a pretty high tolerance for pain (ask my sister) and Dea Bella still bugs every time when i put it on. (OH the things i do for beauty!) i also worry that it's more harmful (chemically) than Revitalash because it stings so much, but i will continue to use it because i'm VAIN. haha =X price is comparable to Revitalash but i found it on a korean beauty website for approx 1/3 of the cost! (see link below)

i tried to take some close-up shots to show the difference between my left and right lashes but i couldn't get a good picture. i really need to buy one of those SLR cameras with a crazy macro lens. i'll post something for you guys to look @ soon!

i want to try Latisse one day but it's just so darn expensive! $120 for 2 mos (Latisse) vs. $55-$150 for a whole year (Revitalash, Dea Bella). ehhh... maybe one day.

$55.00 - $150.00
Where to Buy:, (cheap!)
Overall Rating: 4.5/5 stars
Tip: if you're not good with pain/stinging, this is not the product for you. (use Revitalash instead.)


stella said...

Julie! I've been using L'oreal's lash serum and it works for me! It's cheap too, about $20 I think... I've noticed a big difference on my right eye. I've only been using it on that eye because my left is nice and full. I like it so far but it does take awhile to see the difference. I'm going to keep using that and see what happens... I do want to try revitalash or this one!

miss cakeface said...

oh wow that's awesome! maybe i'll try that too when i run out of my serums. do you have before/after pics?

stella said...

i don't :(

but i can take some now.. I don't know if it'll help??

miss cakeface said...

yea i wanna see!

stella said...

ok. i posted pictures on my blog because i didn't know how to attach pictures in your comment section. take a look! tell me what you think!

kan said...

You can use Careprost which is a generic brand of Latisse. I ordered mine from Alldaychemist for $10 a bottle...shipping is around $20 so I ordered 5 bottles. Still much cheaper than buying one bottle of latisse :)

Reviews on both Latisse and Careprost:

sharon said...

“I’ve just been using Revitalash for about a week and a half and I’ve noticed some results already. At first, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I looked at my lashes in the mirror, but I was not mistaken when I saw longer, fuller, and darker lashes. I hope to have even longer lashes in the next few upcoming weeks!”

Timmy said...

My lashes are really short and easily falls, even when lightly rubbed. I've been researching on mascaras and eyelash conditioner. Some says Revitalash is good and Lattise as well. One thing that catches my attention is how revitalash shows their affection on cancer patients as I was browsing their website. I am impressed, seems I'm gonna go for Revitalash. What do you think? any suggestions?

lisa said...

so comfy with my revitalash! yes its Revitalash, that's makes my lashes so stunning.

leah said...

WOOOW! Can't imagine how many Revitalash users here! I strongly agree to all of them. This product is cool… Love it!

marian said...

I can't believe the results of revitalash, its amazing..try it for yourself. My eyelashes is thicker than before and longer too!

krissy said...

in just 3 weeks Revitalash already made magic to my lashes im so happy im not expecting it will show result in that span of time...muahhhh loving it more!

Danielle said...

I was not blessed with beautiful eyelashes, so I think of having an extension. One day I surf the net and found a site talking about revitalash. I give it a try to use the product. It's amazing!, now I can say I have beautiful eyelashes because of Revitalash. Thanks for this effective product. My eyelashes was thicker and longer than before.